Friend & Foe DnD and Open Play


Panel Description

Open Play
Come and enjoy a board game or two from Friend & Foes 75+ game library – A game for everyone including the classics such as checkers, jenga and battleship to modern games like Catan, Splendor, Survive and Tiny Epic Galaxies!

Play to Win!
Every play a game and think – I want that game! Well now is your chance to play a game to with a chance to win the same game!

Speed Gaming
Ever feel stuck playing a game you just don’t like? Well come try speed gaming! Friend & Foe will have easy to learn games set up that you will only play for 30 mins before moving on. Play 2 to 3 games in one night with out getting in too deep!

  • May 31st, 8pm–12pm

  • Panel Room #2

Limited Time Offer!

Wave #1 Tickets On Sale Now!

Discounted Wave #1 tickets are only available until April 15, 2019.

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