The Intersection of Sports, Entertainment, & Gaming

City National Bank
Infinite Esports
Grand Hustle Music Group
Axis Replay

The gaming industry has become the perfect community where traditional sports athletes, musicians, and entertainers come together for a common cause, video games.As the gaming and esports industry continues to grow there are more opportunities for collaboration across the board for creatives and businesses. Let’s discuss in detail what is to come at the intersection of sports, entertainment, and gaming.

Moderator: M. Cole Jones, Managing Partner, RIISE Ventures
  1. Charles Frazier – VP, Sports & Entertainment at City National Bank
  2. Axis Replay – Allie Young, Founder, and CEO
  3. StatsHelix, Inc – Dana Kawar, Co-Founder and CEO
  4. The Switch – Alexius Charlie Conroy, VP, Gaming
  • May 31st, 12pm–1pm

  • Panel Room #2

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