DreamHack’s Guiding Philosophy for Magic: The Gathering

Here at DreamHack, we are all about being immersed in exciting gamer experiences. The DreamHack Magic: The Gathering Showdown is a universe of opportunity for competition, community, and fun. From top competitors to new and casual players, there is Magic for everyone at DreamHack. “We are excited to produce this exclusive content for the United States as Wizard’s regional partner.”

DreamHack magic
at dallas - Jun 3-5

Things to do at Dallas

  1. $10,000 Open tournament
  2. Command Zone
  3. Tournament Voucher w/ badge purchase
  4. All types of Commander events featuring Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate. 
  5. Hourly Casual tournaments
  6. 8-person events all day long
  7. Dedicated Learn To Play for new players
  8. Prize Wall
  9. Artists 
  10. Vendors
  11. Influencers 
  12. Broadcasts Top 8
  13. Mini Games 
  14. D&D Sessions Sign Up

Magic Schedule

11:00 AM
MiniMasters Capenna (Free)
Commander Legends: BBG Sealed ($50)
Sealed, 6 packs
1:00 PM
Modern ($20)
2:00 PM
DOUBLE TAP: Sealed Capenna ($60)
Sealed, 6 packs
3:00 PM
2HG Commander Legends: BBG Sealed ($40)
Sealed, 12 packs per team
4:00 PM
2HG Capenna ($35)
Sealed, 12 packs per team
5:00 PM
Modern ($20)
6:00 PM
Mystery Booster Sealed ($60)
Sealed, 6 packs
6:30 PM
Turbo 1 v 1 Commander ($10)
7:00 PM
Turbo Modern ($10)
7:30 PM
Turbo Standard ($10)

Play Locally, Win Globally

DreamHack Magic Showdown WPN Qualifiers
DreamHack Magic Atlanta Showdown
Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour
Magic: The Gathering World Championship

Invited Artists

Jeff Laubenstein


Ken Meyer, Jr.


rk post


Alayna Danner

Alayna Danner

Chris Seaman


Steve Argyle


Invited Influencers

Dana Fischer

Dana Fischer

Air Bubbles




Taalia Vess

Taalia Vess

Zenaide Beckham


Cedric A Phillips


at dallas

Ultra Pro

MTG Pro Shop

Laughing Dragon

Coalesce Apparel

Good Games

Gaming Etc


DreamHack is bringing a new vision of Magic: The Gathering to the world. From Competitive play to Casual fun, from Learn 2 Play to the Command Zone, come join our community of fans, artists, cosplayers, and creators to experience a festival unlike anywhere in the Multiverse!

The Regional Championship is a two-day, invitation-only, Competitive event with $130,000 USD, 48 Players Tour invites, and 2 Worlds invites up for grabs!

DreamHack RCQs are WPN store Qualifiers that earn you an invitation into the Regional Championship at a DreamHack Magic Showdown.

  1. Register as an Organizer with MTGMelee.com.  DreamHack has partnered with MTGMelee.com to facilitate ordering and fulfillment.  (If you’re not a WPN store, find out more about joining the WPN.)
  2. Purchase one of our very affordable Qualifier Kits which includes telling us the desired date and format of your RCQ.
  3. We will work with Wizards of the Coast to schedule your RCQ.  Scheduling must occur at least two weeks in advance and be within the scheduling window.
  4. Your kit will arrive at your store during that advance window.
  5. If you would like help with running Competitive play, JudgeAcademy.com can point you to the nearest certified judge.
  6. Remind players the Competitive events require decklists.  Players can easily submit their decklists on MTGMelee.com.
  7. Run your event through EventLink and give out prizes!  We’ll get the winner’s information from their Wizards Account in EventLink.

There are several ways to qualify for the Regional Championship.  The best option is, of course, playing at your local WPN store.

  • Winner of a Regional Championship Qualifier at your local WPN store
  • Pro Tour Hall of Fame members can choose one Regional Championship and its associated Pro Tour
  • Players already qualified for the associated Pro Tour
  • Players who are otherwise invited

Please fill out the form under the DreamHack Dallas Creator Hub area for more info.

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