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We have developed various components to ensure a family-friendly experience. Join us in our AFK Zone for a chance to relax, create, recharge, and enjoy playing games.

Explore the afk zone

At DreamHack, we want to focus on the most important audience segment: the family! We’re creating different features, including a Face paint station, a Selfie station, a nail art station, recharging stations, and a Bull riding challenge! Come to our AFK Zone: Create, Reload, and Play.

Create, Reload, Play.

Hair braiding station

We’re inviting Rave Hair Stylists & Hair Experts to DreamHack to help braid hair with glowing tinsel, orange and black glow in the dark hair and glow lights all weekend long. Join us as we add a little DreamHack customization to your character.

Nail Art Station

We are working with local to Dallas/Austin Nail Artists to provide a space for them to do DreamHack themed nails! Each artist will provide a selection of DreamHack themed nails to our attendees in the Artist Alley area.

Face Paint Station

Children will get a chance to get facepaint with our experts from the local Dallas area. They’ll pick from a few options which include: Minecraft Creeper, PacMan, Among Us, Pokemon, Angry Birds

Selfie Station

We are creating a unique selfie station that showcases the exceptional Dreamhack experience. Guests can quickly capture photos on their personal devices or share them through our team. Moreover, videos recorded at this station can be directly utilized on various social media platforms.

Color with DreamHack

We invite the artists of our competitive teams, our partners, our artists & local to the region to create art for our Coloring book! The coloring book will be available to our fans for free in a section of our artist alley for rest and relaxation.

Recharge Stations

Cons can be exhausting and a lot for first-time or even veteran attendees, therefore we’re providing a rest & relaxation space with charging stations, daybeds, and lawn chairs for folks to take a breather.

This area includes children’s playmats and legos for parents to watch their kids while they kick up their feet for a bit.

Bull Riding Challenge

All weekend long we’re challenging our attendees to join us in Bull Riding. We’ll have a leaderboard that we’ll clear out daily that shows which of our attendees have stayed on the bull the longest and the winner will get a DreamHack Trophy!