May 31 – June 2, 2024
Dallas, Texas

May 31 – June 2, 2024

Chill Zone

Time for a break

Looking to briefly escape the convention madness for a quick energy recharge? If you are overstimulated with all the lights, loud esport cheers or you simply want to chillax this is the place for you.

At DreamHack we want to make sure all attendees have a great time, and sometimes this means taking a break!

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From cozy day beds to ambient low lights we got you covered. Come chill with us and your friends, this is a safe environment meant to help you unwind a bit. This is it for those seeking a cozy spot to lounge with friends or simply enjoy a moment of solitude.

Coloring Books
Places to Relax
Recharge Yourself

frequently asked questions

D220 – right outside the main entrance on the main showfloor level.

The Chill Zone is open from 10 AM to 6 PM daily

Anyone with a DreamHack badge. Whether you’re an attendee, staff member or guest, this zone is open to everyone.

Is a place to relax, dissimulate from the show floor, enjoy some silence, and recharge yourself for the days ahead of you.

In this zone, you can find day beds, coloring books, fidget toys, low lights , couches, tables and chairs.

DreamHack is committed to making our events accessible to everyone.  Please fill out the disability accommodation request form prior to the event. You can also talk to our awesome staff during the convention they will do their best to help accommodate you.

The Chill Zone is a safe space, we ask that all of our attendees be respectful to one another, and understand that this is a quiet zone, keep your voice down, sit down and enjoy the calm.
We ask that all electronic devices be placed in silent mode and that no outside food and drinks are allowed aside from your Hydration bottle.

Chill Zone

Area info

Friday, May 31

10:00 AM - 6:00 PMChill Zone Hours

Saturday, June 1

10:00 AM - 6:00 PMChill Zone Hours

Sunday, June 2

10:00 AM - 6:00 PMChill Zone Hours

Schedule is subject to change