Jun 3 – Jun 5

Become crew

DreamHack Crew has been around for over 20 years and is a tight-knit community of volunteers who gather for each event to have fun, learn new skills, and be part of the best community in the world. DreamHack Crew members are the true champions of the festival experience – making it possible to host our world-class events.

Crew Benefits

  • $15/hour pay, 6 hour shifts with 30 minute breaks, opportunity to work more before and after the event helping with construction.
  • 2 exclusive DreamHack Dallas Crew shirts
  • 2 meal vouchers per day worked
  • Free access to the Crew Lounge, Crew BYOC area, and Crew After Party
  • Opportunity to build connections and relationships within the DreamHack/ESL family

Crew is an integral part of creating our:

  • Creator Hub
  • Our large BYOC LAN
  • Main stage
  • Fun on-site activities for our attendees

Most of the things that make each DreamHack event unique and fun are determined by Crew

The ones that make it all happen