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My name is Janice Tauro, and I am a self-taught artist who specializes in manga/anime style artwork and primarily uses computer graphics programs (including SAI and PS) to produce artwork. I draw under the pen-name “journeybunny”. Come watch me stream my artwork on my Twitch channel!

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, but I started drawing digitally about 5 years ago. I learn best by watching other people draw, so that’s why it’s one of my goals in life to pass on whatever I learn by streaming and recording my artwork. I want to get better at art. I enjoy it, I’m passionate about it, and I simply want to get better. One of my earliest childhood goals was to write a comic book or create a cartoon series. I don’t think I’ve really let go of that dream. One day, I’ll get there, and this portfolio will be there to track every step along the way.

Why the name “journeybunny”? I imagined a bunny with a traveling bag visiting different ‘lands’ in each picture whenever I put the logo on a new picture that I have created. That’s how I came up with ‘journeybunny’. Also, bunnies are awesome.

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