Balls Out

By Meddling Kids

Indie Playground Category: Best Multiplayer
Booth Number: IZ-03
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★  Game Pitch Championship Official Selection

“Balls Out” is a 4 player Cooperative Third Person Action Game Show Shooter. Think Rocket League meets Smash TV. Play solo or with 3 co-op friends, fighting to survive waves of Aliens in an episode of a space survival inspired “Running Man” type show. Players fight with only one weapon, a Sonic Ball Gun. Test your aim with the ball by shooting enemies directly or scoring by shooting at hoops, buttons, and spinners that activate turrets, traps and unlock over 20 power-ups across 3 different ball types.

It delivers fast action and teamwork. Creating a competitive real-time game that pits players against each other and the show, with tricks shots & physics based matches. That are fun to watch, easy to learn and hard to master.
The skill floor for new players will be low so that they feel like they can get into a game and actually accomplish something, but they may play hundreds of games, yet still find new strategies and ways to improve their play.​​

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