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We have three new games for you to sink your teeth into! You’ll be able to explore their games and maybe even win some prizes if you’re lucky enough. BattleBit, RIPOUT, and SquadBlast will all be playable on the festival floor.


BattleBit Remastered is a low poly FPS that aims for a massively multiplayer experience with up to 254 players in a single server. Fight on a large battlefield with ground vehicles, boats, and air support. Create your own strategies to win in a near-fully destructible map.

Inspired by classic sci-fi horror like The Fly and The Thing, RIPOUT transports players to 2084 to uncover the mystery behind a genetically engineered bioweapon that has wiped out mankind. Explore a variety of procedurally generated ships and fight to survive against nightmarish creatures that can adapt and reconfigure into even more deadly designs. Every run is unique, with a range of different objectives, enemies and upgrade options.

SquadBlast is a multiplayer side-scrolling tactical shooter. It features deep gameplay that is meticulously balanced for fairness and incredibly easy to pick up and play. In SquadBlast, every bullet matters. You’ll need to use diverse tactics to claim victory in a variety of battle modes.

watch them on the main stage

If you want to hear more about the games, they will be presented and showcased live on the Main Stage – Friday June 2, 2:00 PM