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Fancy running your own panel?

We're opening sign ups for various panels and workshops that'll be at DreamHack Dallas! If you're interested in hosting a panel, check out the list of panels below that we're looking to host and sign up here.

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Panel topics

Operating in Esports

Do you ever wonder what it takes to operate a massive esports org or company? Whether it's signing teams, handling sponsorships, or showing up at events like DreamHack - so much goes on behind the scenes to make an esports organization successful.

Starting An Esports Org

How do esports organizations get started? What are the do’s and dont’s? How do you find unique and innovative ways to market your brand and take your players to the next level?

Monetization in Gaming (2hr workshop)

How do large esports and gaming organizations exist? Teams and tournaments have various avenues for monetization - sit down with the experts and learn the ins and outs of financing and running gaming on the business scale.

The session continues with a look at how individual content creators can turn their passion in more than just a hobby. Whether it is YouTube, streaming, podcasting, patreon etc - here's a look at some of the way content creators at DreamHack have found ways to support themselves

Women in Gaming

Gaming is typically considered to be a male dominated industry, especially when you look at the professional esports scene and the game dev board rooms. However, you'd be surprised at how many incredible women have found their space in the gaming world!

Join them to hear about their careers, paths to success, and advice they have to making the gaming space your own.

Inclusion in Your Gaming Community

Panelists discuss ways to make your gaming community inclusive for those in marginalized communities (such as LGBTQIA, BIMPoC, disabled, neuro-diverse and others) as they discuss gender diversity, othering in games, and what alt-identifying players look for.

LGBTQIA in Gaming

Gamers come from all kinds of backgrounds, and we are excited to discuss their experiences with the LGBTQIA community and discuss all the ways the community can work together to make the gaming space more inclusive and fun for everyone.

Mental Health Matters

The gaming space is exciting, but it comes with a lot of pressure. Both burnout and harassment are concerns as our lives shift to being online more and more. Non profits and experienced gaming veterans discuss their experiences and how they deal with prioritizing their mental health.

Safety and Security in Games

Protecting your information can be challenging, especially as new platforms emerge and the need to exist online grows. Older generations could let their mistakes fade into obscurity - but now, everything is online. Learning how to protect yourself and make smart choices is the first step to staying safe in the gaming space. Panelists will talk about the challenges and benefits of privacy as well as what should be done to educated the next generation of gamers.

Platforms for Positive Growth

How can you use different platforms to help your brand grow? What platforms are safe for kids to use? What strategies are out there to find new people to game with or interesting collaborations? 

Media in Gaming: Diversifying Your Brand

Do you stream? How many social media platforms are you on? Have you considered writing or hosting a podcast? This industry is competitive, and having a diverse media brand can broaden your opportunities and massively boost your exposure. Join content creators as they discuss your options for using media to your advantage.

The Many Markets of Gaming

Gaming isn't just a console or a computer. It isn't teenagers or just guys. It isn't limited to a single country or an income level anymore. Gaming is a global phenomenon with diverse demographics. Whether it is people playing and buying your game, checking the scores of their favorite team on your website, or becoming a diehard esports fan - the market is wide open with options.

Navigating Copyright as a Content Creator

Content creation can take many forms - streamers, youtubers, cosplayers, photographers, writers, podcasters and anyone else in the creative space. What assets are safe to use for emotes? Who owns cosplay photos? What do you do if someone is stealing your content? Join this panel of content creators to learn the dos and don’t of copyright navigation in creative spaces.

The Creative Process - Stories from streamers, cosplayers, photographers

Are you a streamer, cosplayer, or some kind of content creator? Sign up to speak or swing by the panel to listen in on how creatives create. Where did that viral TikTok idea come from? How does the youtube algorithm actually work? How do you avoid burnout in a fast and unpredictable industry?

How to Pose - Nailing that Social Media Content

Everyone knows that one Instagram account where every picture is perfect - but do you know how that happens? Posing can be hard, and intimidating to learn about! Join photographers, influencers, and cosplayers and learn how to hit the classic poses and learn to up your social media game.

Indie Devs at DreamHack

This panel will feature Indie Developers at the show with a topic relevant to their experience in the industry as they build their games.

Relationship Management

You see the big sponsors plastered across events - but what does it take to keep those sponsors happy? How do you manage large scale partnerships? What goes into funding so much of what we love about esports and gaming? Experts are here to give you the inside look at Relationship Management in the industry.

Have an idea of your own?

If none of the above panel topics speak to you, feel free to suggest an idea for your own panel on the sign up form.

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