DreamHack Download

Season Premiere: Wed, Jun 24, 1PM EDT

Six 60-minute episodes recurring weekly on dates: Jul 1, Jul 8, Jul 15, Jul 22, Jul 29


DreamHack Download brings fans the opportunity to hang with DreamHack team members Reinessa, Kyle Konsmo, Blaine Biehle, Justin Varghese, and surprise guests as they discuss the various ins and outs of many of gaming’s long time mysteries, top news of the week and DreamHack secrets.

Hot topics covered such as:

  • DreamHack behind the scenes

  • Crunch

  • Gaming Ethics

  • Next gen gaming

  • Animal Crossing

  • Rebranding


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About the team


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Reinessa has been playing video games since she could hold a controller, and started her career in games in 2013 with Dota 2 casting (with a very short stint of playing semi-professionally mixed in). She then moved into full-time streaming and actively cosplaying shortly after, all while getting her BioChem Master’s on the side.

She has since become a cosplay expert, placing in the top of several large competitions and then serving as a Cosplay guest for BeyondTheSummit and Valve. Her love of Dota 2 led her into live events, seeing her hosting a Valve supported morning show at The International 2016, conducting interviews for Epicenter at their 2019 DPC Major, and stage hosting the Jungle Jam TI9 event.

Her passion for storytelling in gaming eventually brought her to DreamHack. She serves on the creative team organizing and hosting all things cosplay, coordinating a variety of panel speakers, and pushing constantly for new and exciting ways to bring everything we love in gaming to fans around the world.


Justin Varghese

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Player turned play-by-play commentator, Justin "JV" Varghese brings a unique perspective to the gaming and esports space. When he's not busy trying to find a cure for his chronic potato aim, JV serves as DreamHack's Marketing Manager for North America.

Prior to his role at DreamHack, JV made his mark in the gaming space as a caster for nearly a dozen different esports titles, covering everything from Smash to Hearthstone (fun fact: he even casted at DreamHack Austin 2017).

You'll find him raving about fighting games on the DreamHack Download, talking all things esports on DreamHack Tonight, and trying to convince more people to play Sekiro on DreamHack Plays.


Blaine Biehle

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Blaine Biehle is a lifelong gamer with a passion for creating events. Before working for DreamHack he gained experience as volunteer staff for PAX events, local LAN parties, hosting retro game nights, and charity drives.

Professionally Blaine has been in sales for over a decade as an account manager. He got his start in the retail cell phone sector, moving on to a B2B role where he was responsible for creating and growing relationships with business partners.

When DreamHack came to the US in 2016 Blaine saw an opportunity to combine his personal and professional experience in events and sales as an account manager for the US expansion. He has leveraged his years of experience in events and sales to create new content areas, with opportunities for partners to sponsor DreamHack's events in the US. As one of the original members of the DreamHack team in the US, Blaine has been an integral part of the US expansion.


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Kyle Konsmo

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Growing up in Washington state creates a unique blend of a nature nut, aviation geek, and tech nerd. Never expecting to be in gaming as a career, Kyle originally pursued a career in government work and aviation. After some deep reflection and life changes, he decided that gaming was where his true life passion lies.

Building a regionalized esports league, organizing local gaming events, and making industry connections in his spare time Kyle was ready when DreamHack came knocking. Since 2017 he has helped grow the North American branch of DreamHack through operational execution, creative show design, B2C, and B2B relationship cultivation.

Now he works as a Programming Producer on the creative team. When he isn’t working you will find him glued to a computer or if the weather is getting nice out in the Tacoma area foothills with his Jeep.


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