DreamHack Plays

Season Premiere: Oct 26 - Dec 13


10am – 2pm
Main Host Steve with special guests each week


10am – 2pm
Main Host Torbin with special guests each week


10am – 2pm
Community day with special guests

Join DreamHack staff members, including Aaron Linde and Steve Sampson, along with streamers and surprise guests as they jump into different and unknown games each week. Watch as they attempt to play titles selected for them in each episode and, in most cases, fail terribly. At the end of each season, a game will be chosen and developers will join the gameplay session to explore and discuss the gaming journey.

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About the hosts

Aaron (aka Torbin)

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Aaron started his gaming career planning and hosting small events such as Rocket League and Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings along with other tournaments. He moved on to organizing the largest halo tournaments within Microsoft while supporting charities by raising money for kids.

He has been a community manager for over 10 years and has a passion for education and doing wacky things like a massive rock paper scissors competition. Aaron started working for DreamHack 3 years ago developing the activities team then moving on to becoming an NA Programming Producer. He supported and developed initiatives within DreamHack around streamers, stream studio, tabletop, speedrunning, community, and charities for North America.

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Steve (aka LithyTV)

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Steve was first introduced to gaming at a young age with the release of Doom in 1993, and it quickly became a passion in his life. As an avid FPS gamer, Steve is a life-long Counter-Strike fan and former competitive player. He can usually be found spending long nights in his gaming corner trying to git gud. Nothing has worked so far...

Steve joined DreamHack in 2017 after a long career with one of the South’s largest Fortune 500 companies. He brings over a decade of logistics and human resources experience to the table and now serves an Event Operations and Logistics Manager – servicing internal and external clients of DreamHack in North America and abroad.

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