DreamHack Quiz

Season Premiere: Wed, Jun 24, 1PM EDT


Think you know gaming better than your friends? Challenge them to a fun night of gaming trivia! Every week we'll host the DreamHack Quiz on the DreamHack Discord for the sharpest gaming enthusiasts, featuring great prizes from DreamHack partners.

Previous themes include:

  • General gaming quiz

  • Turn-based games

  • Memes

  • CS:GO

  • Cheat Codes

  • DreamHack Masters

  • Dark Souls

  • Minecraft

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Upcoming themes

Finally all that knowledge will come in handy

  • Simulation games
  • Fortnite
  • Tekken
  • Pokémon
  • Fighting games

Previous prizes

What will you win next?

  • Exclusive DreamHack merch
  • Game codes (Gears Tactics, Dark Souls, Minecraft Dungeons)
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • Steam gift cards

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