DreamHack Tonight

Season Premiere: Tues, Oct 27, 12PM CT

Six 15-minute segments recurring weekly, bookending the DreamHack Plays stream every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.


Co-hosts Alex Jebailey, Justin Burnham are back and they've recruited Kyle Konsmo to the show. The trio are bringing their many years of industry experience and irreverent but affectionate banter to DreamHack Tonight. Our aggregated source of hot topics covering gamer life, DreamHack Tonight puts wit first and the news second. Discussions will end with you laughing with them or at them.

Segment descriptions:

  • Versus - Competition never hurts, that's why we cover everything esports.
  • Reel Time - What you should be watching when you’re not playing.
  • Indie Heartbeat - Indie games are amazingly creative… ‘nuff said.
  • Audio.file - Great music for headphones and live stages.
  • The Download - Where anyone from industry vets to film stars can talk games.
  • Release Radar - Hot new games and items, and great deals on them.


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About the co-hosts

Alex Jebailey

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Alex Jebailey started in the game industry organically by creating a community based around fighting games known as Community Effort Orlando in 2010. With gaming as his hobby, competitive gaming has been a part of his DNA since the age of 11 after becoming the first-ever Blockbuster Video Game Challenge Winner.

Over the years he has worked within the industry, mostly producing live gaming events such as CEO, CEOtaku before diving full time as a career as an event organizer for DreamHack. With experience in hosting, directing, sponsorships, PR, Community Manager, and now Global Director for fighting games at DreamHack.

Besides his personal love for all things gaming, comics, fitness, and entertainment, his passion for bringing people together through events and gaming helps create new friendships and lasting memories.

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Justin Burnham

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Justin Burnham started in the game industry at the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences as a Project Manager for D.I.C.E. Summit back in 2007.

From there, he expanded into many different roles within the gaming industry that allowed him to learn various perspectives. While still at AIAS, he dabbled in contract roles for QA testing, music licensing, and business development to gain more knowledge of the game space until he left them all to bring gaming to South by Southwest and founded SXSW Gaming in 2010.

He and his team grew SXSW Gaming to become one of the fastest-growing components of SXSW at the time. While still at SXSW, to keep fresh in the game space he jumped on the Devolver Digital team in 2013.

In 2017, while still serving a role in the publishing space but now with Devolver Digital’s majority-owned Good Shepherd Entertainment, he saw the opportunity to innovate and help DreamHack expand its portfolio and grow its festival presence not only across the globe but also into a more all-encompassing gaming lifestyle brand as DreamHack’s Global Creative Director.

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Kyle Konsmo

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Growing up in Washington state creates a unique blend of a nature nut, aviation geek, and tech nerd. Never expecting to be in gaming as a career, Kyle originally pursued a career in government work and aviation. After some deep reflection and life changes, he decided that gaming was where his true life passion lies.

Building a regionalized esports league, organizing local gaming events, and making industry connections in his spare time Kyle was ready when DreamHack came knocking. Since 2017 he has helped grow the North American branch of DreamHack through operational execution, creative show design, B2C, and B2B relationship cultivation.

Now he works as a Programming Producer on the creative team. When he isn’t working you will find him glued to a computer or if the weather is getting nice out in the Tacoma area foothills with his Jeep.

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