DreamHack ♥ Lilmix.para

Lilmix.Para is one of esports first teams catered to those with disability. Their goal is to educate, lift others and make sure that the scene knows that there is people out there struggling with everyday things. DreamHack is happy to welcome them at their own row, D4!

About the team

At the moment Lilmix.para fields a “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” team that consists of five guys aged 14 to 25. The uniqueness of this team is that everyone has the same progressive muscle disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). The disease, which is genetic, leads to loss of both skeletal and heart muscle.

– Dedicated to showing the world that our handicap is not an obstacle
– Interacting with the community through streams
– Supported by superstars
– Fights for equality and inclusivity 

Sit with lilmix.para!

DreamHack has together with Lilmix made sure that the CS:GO team has all the needs to compete. They will have their own place at Row D4. We still have 6 free seats on D4 for anyone with disability needs.

"Lilmix.Para aims for the stars and let us see how far the road will take us as a team - we really want to fight the big dragons in CS:GO. And when the boys play there's no gravity and they are totally free"

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