DreamLeagueNewsBurjui disqualified from DPC EU Lower Division

Burjui disqualified from DPC EU Lower Division

We have recently completed an investigation regarding a breach of the tournament rules by DreamLeague Season 14 DPC EU Lower Division team ‘burjui’:

The team recently requested to officially replace one of their players after using a substitute for the maximum allowance of four matches per season, stating medical reasons and provided a medical document of a positive COVID-19 test result. In special circumstances, an emergency transfer could be allowed upon reviewing the case and the provided documents.

The information to request the emergency transfer conflicted with previous information provided by the team and triggered an investigation. During the course of the investigation, we asked for additional information and evidence to clarify the situation to which the team declined. At the same time, the positive COVID-19 test result was inspected and its authenticity checked, and it was discovered that the document was forged.

As a result of this, we have no alternative but to disqualify burjui from the ongoing DreamLeague Season 14 DPC EU Lower Division. All of their matches have therefore been voided. There is no format change to the DPC League: the top two teams qualify to the Upper Division of the next DPC season, and the bottom two teams are eliminated. In this season, burjui and Meta4Pro are the two teams that are eliminated.

Are there changes to the broadcast schedule?

All upcoming Burjui matches are removed from the DPC League:

  • Burjui’s upcoming match on Feb 20, 15 CET against Hippomaniacs has been canceled and the broadcast on that day will start at 17:30 CET for the Upper Division.

See updated schedule here

Moving forward

Actions such as these are detrimental to the competitive integrity of ESL, DreamLeague and the DPC circuit. We will always rigorously enforce the tournament rules to ensure our competitions remain fair to all involved.