DreamLeagueNewsMeta4Pro withdraws from DPC EU Lower Division

Meta4Pro withdraws from DPC EU Lower Division

Meta4Pro reached out to ESL Gaming and informed us that they suspect one of their own players to be involved in match-fixing and decided to withdraw from the DPC League with immediate effect. We have started to investigate the case together with ESIC, and VALVE has been informed.

Due to Meta4Pro deciding to withdraw from the league, all of their matches have been voided. There is no format change to the DPC League: The top two teams qualify to the Upper Division of the next DPC season, and the bottom two teams are eliminated. In this case, Meta4Pro is one of the teams that are eliminated.

Meta4Pro is leaving DreamLeague DPC S14 EU, Lower Division, this decision was made after the last two meetings with the Hippomaniacs and burjui teams. We have reason to believe that some players were not playing fair and may have been involved in 322 stories. We do not want to name specific names and nicknames now, as there is no 100% confirmation from the commission that this is really the case.

The work to identify the violation is being carried out and will be completed. Also, some players categorically refused to continue playing in this squad because of the same suspicions in some players.

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Team Manager “INGVARD” Meta4Pro

Are there changes to the broadcast schedule?

All upcoming Meta4Pro matches are removed from the DPC League:

  • Meta4Pro had a Lower Division match scheduled for 15 CET today (Feb 16) against Brame, which has been canceled
  • Broadcast starts today at 17:30 CET for the Upper Division (Feb 16)
  • Meta4Pro’s upcoming match on Feb 22, 18 CET against Creepwave has been canceled and there will be no broadcast on that day

Moving forward

The competitive integrity of our tournaments is our highest priority, and we encourage all players and teams to work with us on creating a clean and reliable competitive environment. Once ESIC’s and our investigation is completed, we will update the Dota community on its outcome.