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Tiebreaker rules and info

Who said DPC was over? The European teams have shown how competitive the region is, and we have guaranteed tiebreakers to wrap up 6 weeks of league play. A spot to the Singapore Major hangs in the balance for OG, Team Liquid, and Tundra Esports. And in the Lower Division: Brame, Creepwave and Hellbear Smashers are fighting for the spots to be promoted next season, so they can finally play against the big boys!

Lower Division

Saturday, 26 Feb, 12:00 CET

  • 3-way tie for place #1 and #2 with sets of BO1s

  • Max 4 rounds on Saturday, 26 Feb

  • Broadcasted by Avoplus

Upper Division

Sunday, 27 Feb, 12:00 CET

  • 3-way tie for place #4 with sets of BO1s

  • Max 3 rounds on Sunday, 27 Feb

  • Broadcasted on DreamLeague

Tiebreaker rules

If there is a tie across ranks leading into:

  • the Major play-off and the Major groupstage;
  • the Major groupstage and the Major wildcard;
  • the Major wildcard and the Upper Division Season 2;
  • the Upper Division and the Lower Division;
  • the Lower Division and elimination divider;

Tiebreaker matches will be played until the tie is resolved.

For other ties (in order of importance):

  • Points amassed between the tied participants
  • Map difference between the tied participants
  • Overall map difference

Tiebreaker matches until the tie is resolved.

If there is a 2-way tie a Bo3 will be played. For 3-way ties and up, a Bo1 round robin group will be played.