DreamLeagueTop newsTiebreakers played on Sat, May 22

Tiebreakers played on Sat, May 22

DreamLeague S15 DPC WEU is set to conclude with a bang as we have guaranteed tiebreakers once again! In the Upper Division, there is a desperate battle between OG, Brame, and Tundra Esports to avoid being demoted to the Lower Division next season.

Upper Division

Saturday, 22 May, 15:00 CEST

  • 3-way tie for place #5/6 with sets of BO1s

  • Max 2 rounds of 3x BO1 on Saturday, 22 May, 15:00 CEST

  • Continues on Sunday, 23 May, 12:00 CEST if needed

  • Broadcasted on DreamLeague

Upper Division Broadcast Talent


Tiebreaker rules

If there is a tie across ranks leading into:

  • the Major play-off and the Major groupstage;
  • the Major groupstage and the Major wildcard;
  • the Major wildcard and the Upper Division Season 2;
  • the Upper Division and the Lower Division;
  • the Lower Division and elimination divider;

Tiebreaker matches will be played until the tie is resolved.

For other ties (in order of importance):

  • Points amassed between the tied participants
  • Map difference between the tied participants
  • Overall map difference

Tiebreaker matches until the tie is resolved.

If there is a 2-way tie a Bo3 will be played. For 3-way ties and up, a Bo1 round robin group will be played.