DreamLeagueTop newsUpdate on coaching rules

Update on coaching rules

At the start of the DreamLeague S15 DPC WEU, we modified the following rule regarding coaching and team communication to better follow what we are doing for online competitions in other games, which allowed coaches to participate in team communication during gameplay. Upon making this change, we informed all teams coming from the previous season via email of the update, and provided up-to-date rulesets to teams advancing through the closed qualifiers, however, we did not fully inform Valve of this change.

As of today, this rule will be reverted back based upon guidance from Valve as this does not align with their stance on coaching. This update will not impact previous results or matches. The following rule applies:

Coach Limitations

The coach is only allowed to communicate with the players until the end of the drafting phase of the match. After the drafting phase concluded, the coach is not allowed to further communicate or interact with the players in any way (e.g. not allowed to be on the voice communication with the players) until after the match has concluded. Furthermore, the coach is also not allowed to be present around the players after the drafting phase concluded until the end of the match.


We’d like to apologize to the teams for a mid-season rule change, and highlight that teams who made use of the rule change such as Alliance did absolutely nothing wrong and were simply following the rules. We hope the community will enjoy the remaining matches as we look ahead to what will surely be an exciting conclusion to this DPC Season.