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Ways to watch DPC Europe

The horns have sounded! Our upcoming 6 weeks have been blessed and you can expect Dota every single day. We are pleased to bring you official coverage in English and partner broadcasts in multiple languages.

We also encourage all community streamers and encourage the community to get involved with their own coverage via DotaTV, and the guidelines are as stipulated below.

Upper Division Coverage

Lower Division Coverage

Broadcast Talent


Times are listed in CET.

Mon, 8 Feb

18:00 Spider Pigzs vs Brame
Lower Division

Tue, 9 Feb

15:00 Hippomaniacs vs Meta4Pro
Lower Division

18:00 Nigma vs OG
Upper Division

21:00 Alliance vs Tundra Esports
Upper Division

Wed, 10 Feb

15:00 Brame vs Hellbear Smashers
Lower Division

18:00 Vikin.gg vs High Coast Esports
Upper Division

21:00 Creepwave vs No Bounty Hunter
Lower Division

Sat, 13 Feb

15:00 burjui vs Meta4Pro
Lower Division

18:00 OG vs Vikin.gg
Upper Division

21:00 Team Secret vs Alliance
Upper Division

Guidelines for Community Streams

  • Community streams are strictly non-commercial

  • Community streams are based exclusively on DotaTV and content you have originally created or licensed as stated from Valve

  • Community streams need to have a delay of 15 minutes through DotaTV

  • Community streams need to add an automated chat message or graphic asset twice every hour saying: "If you want to follow the official broadcast go to DreamLeague"

  • Stream title has to start with "DreamLeague S14 DPC EU - Team A vs Team B"