On this page you can find multiple transport options to get from the airport to central and to the venue. Will this be your first time in Stockholm and have some time to spare? You can also find a list of suggested places to visit.



Taxi services are available at Bromma Airport and Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The travel time from Bromma is 15min, and from Arlanda around 40min. Credit cards are readily accepted. Taxi fares in Sweden are not regulated! We recommend you to choose one of the well-known firms like: Taxi Stockholm, Taxi 020 and Taxi Kurir.


Commuter trains (public transport company SL) to Stockholm departs twice an hour from Arlanda Central Station. Travel time by train is approximately 40min. A faster option would be the Arlanda Express train, which takes you directly from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm Central Station in 20mins. The train departs every 15 minutes throughout most of the day.


Flygbussarna (Airport Coaches) depart every 10-15min between Arlanda Airport, Bromma Airport, Skavsta Airport and Västerås Airport and Stockholm City.


The easiest way to travel to and from the Annexet is by subway (Tunnelbana).

The Annexet is located on the Green Subway line 19 for Hagsätra and Högbydalen. It only takes a couple of minutes from the T-Centralen (Central Station). The subway stop you are looking for is called Globen. You can find more information and plan your trip by clicking the button below!



Translates into “old town” of Stockholm. See the original preserved cobblestone pavements, winding alleys, architecture (from the 1500s, including the city square where the Stockholm Bloodbath took place). It’s filled with restaurants, bars, boutiques and souvenir shops

Vasa Museum

The 69 meter-long warship Vasa sank on its maiden voyage in the middle of Stockholm in 1628. The Vasa is the only preserved seventeenth-century ship in the world and more than 95 percent of the ship is original. Today the Vasa Museum is the most visited museum in Scandinavia, with over one million visitors a year. Ticket prices and more info here.


Located on the same island as Gröna Lund, Skansen is an open-air museum and zoo showing the way of life in the different parts of Sweden before the industrial era. You can also see a wide range of Scandinavian animals including the bison, brown bear, moose, grey seal, lynx, otter, red fox, reindeer, wolf, and wolverine. Ticket prices and more info here.


The financial district of central Stockholm. It contains luxury boutiques, restaurants, and is also home to many bars and clubs. This is where restaurants and clubs generally operate till late in the evening (bearing in mind Swedish standards). Notable clubs are Spy Bar, Solidariet, Fasching.


It is the most well-preserved royal castle built in the 1600s and on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Currently the private residence of Sweden’s royal family, but certain sections are open for public viewing, with intricate rooms and sprawling royal gardens. More info here.


Esports-centric bar in Stockholm that broadcasts live streams and tournaments. A range of beers, gaming-inspired cocktails, and bar food available. Also the only place you can get a Kappa Burger. Address and info here.

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