• Format: Double elimination
  • Sets are played in a best two-out-of-three game format unless otherwise specified

game settings

Tournament matches are initiated through Local Versus mode with default tournament settings enabled (3 stocks, 8 minute timer, Aether stages “off”).

Characters for the first game are chosen double-blind (at the same time). For successive matches, the winner chooses their character first, and then the loser chooses their character.

stage selection

The first game’s stage is selected using 1-2-1 stage striking. Subsequent games in the series use winner-strikes-three. When choosing stages, a player cannot return to any stage they have previously won on without the consent of their opponent (Dave’s Stupid Rule).



Please contact Alex Jebailey, Fighting Games Director at DreamHack, if you have any additional requests and/or inquiries. You can reach him at alex.jebailey@dreamhack.com.

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