August DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite Notable Players

Hey, everyone! 

Did you miss our DreamHack Open tournaments? Don’t worry. We know that it’s important for you to stay updated about the latest pro players placings, so here’s a quick recap about what happened last week in each region.


Divided in Heat 1, Heat 2 and Heat 3, the European region had great talents joining the tournament seeking the glory of the top of the standings.

Heat 1

With 257 points, the heretics packo24 & GAMMA Kami duo was the first across the 250 points barrier: They earned that place for two back-two-back Victory Royales!

Do you recognize the NRG benjуfishу & 100T MrSavage duo? You might have heard about them a few times… Well, they were dominating the standings at some point! At the end of their fourth game, they already had a total of 318 points, 51 eliminations and 3 Victory Royales. At the end of Heat 1, they placed third with a total of 513 points in 9 matches.

The first duo across the 400 points barrier was the GUILD Henchman & Falcon chapix one, who ended up in the ninth place with a total of 476 points and 2 Victory Royales in 10 matches.

Heat 2

A great start was the one that the ovLDER & N1ftzz duo had, who earned a Victory Royale and peaked at 35 eliminations at their first match: Epic!

The MCES DKSMARU & MCES BadSniper duo had their appearance too, being the first one across the 300 points barrier. In four games, they got a total of 50 eliminations and a Victory Royale.

The 400 points barrier was first surpassed by the apeks IDrop 7 & NVD Endretta duo, with a total of 413 points and 77 eliminations in 6 games. They placed fourth with over 500 points and almost 100 eliminations in 7 matches.

Heat 3

What if we tell you that the powerfulest teams had a total of four Victory Royales

On one hand, the NxS Risttreto & NxS Adi duo, who placed first on standings with a total of 566 points, had a total of 95 eliminations and 62.89 points per game in 9 matches.

On the other hand, the PG Xenolith & FNX HIGHGROUND duo, who placed second with a total of 528 points, peaked at 73 eliminations in 7 matches. 

Finally, the top performances during Heat 3 were the following ones:

NA East

The NA East region was divided in Heat 1 and Heat 2 only, plus Semifinals. The strongest teams earned a deserved place in Finals, which will be played on August 18th.

Heat 1

The 500 points barrier was only surpassed by two skilled teams. 

The skqttles & 33 HEIGHTONLY duo, who placed first on standings with a total of 520 points, only earned one Victory Royale at their first game. To compensate, two second places and a fifth place were needed. With a total of 86 eliminations and an average of 57.78 points per game in 9 matches, they showed what they were made of.

The DL Justice & TNG Eclipsae duo fought hard too for their second place in standings. With a total of 514 points, 65 eliminations and an average of 64.25 points per game, they earned four Victory Royales. 

Heat 2

The recently joined NRG Fortnite player Bucke and the mystic G2 MackWood were the first ones across the 150 points barrier with a well deserved Victory Royale. The 34 eliminations might have helped, not sure!

The scriwy & 个shizy ум и рай duo was the first one across the 300 points barrier. At the moment that they were leading the standings, they had 310 points, 54 total eliminations and a unique Victory Royale.

Near the end of the NA East Heat 2, the staqiL2R2 & tmp happed team (who totally dominated the standings and placed first) surpassed the 400 points barrier in 6 games. With 78 total eliminations and 5 Victory Royales earned by the end of the Heat, they had a great performance.


Predictions were made, and the previous-to-Finals instance started. The Liquid STRЕTCН & NRG Edgey duo had a great start with two back-to-back Victory Royales.

The Ghоst Blаke & Liquid Scopеd, who led the standings for a while, had a top-tier performance too as they surpassed first than everyone the 300 points barrier.

Finally, the top performances during Semifinals (and the ones who qualified for Finals) were the following ones:

A big shoutout to @FlickzyV2 on Twitter, who had the closest prediction of the standings leaders and their final total points. Will you be featured in tomorrow’s prediction? Let’s see!