DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite Recap – Season 7

We are inching a little closer to September, and with that, the end of this Fortnite season 7. 

In a two weeks journey, Europe and NA East experienced the power of DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite. High-level skills, long distance eliminations and a lot of dances above their victims in Victory Royale situations.

What? Did you miss the tournament streams… AGAIN?! We have you covered: Here’s a quick recap of what happened:

Europe Finals

Heretics K1nzеll & wakiе the ones who prevailed until the end, and received the first Victory Royale.

It seems that one win was not enough for the Heretics K1nzеll & wakiе duo, who managed to claim a well deserved back-to-back Victory Royale. 

About an hour later, the EvozA Stormyrite & Gambit Toose duo were in a 2v2 situation with the Storm striking beneath their feet. The player from EvozA Esport decided to take control of the situation, and while his duo stayed in the High Ground, he went down, ready to rush their enemies and get the win.

In Game 4, with the help of the second-in-standings duo MCES DKSMARU + MCES BadSniper, we learned something new: You don’t need music to dance above your enemies once you earn the Victory. 

Talking about learning something, we are taking Spanish classes starting tomorrow! That’s because of the FIVE kkwt & TQ Sеrenexo duo from Spain, and their amazing performance during Game 5.

The last game was perfect for the CL l1nk & CL Fury duo. With an epic end game, they earned the Victory Royale and with that, claimed their place in the top 15 in standings.

Finally, the EvozA Stormyrite + Gambit Toose duo was August’s DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite EU Grand Finals Winners!

NA East Finals

Minutes after the queues were open, our talents on camera Kelly Link, Clay and Somebodysgun made their predictions of the best performing duos. 

In order, the chosen ones were the TSM FTX COMANDON + FAZE CENTED, FS DEGEN + FS AJERSS and SAFAROONIE + KHANADA duos. 

They reached the 22th, 4th and 5th place respectively: Great choices!

Talking about them, the Safaroonie + Khanada duo totally dominated the low grounds, and the whole Game 1, actually. With 9 eliminations and a total of 109 points, they were first in standings.

Game 2 was excellent for the skqttles + 33 HEIGHTONLY duo, who against all odds, managed to survive the Storm and took the last eliminations to claim their Victory Royale in the 25-minutes match. 

We had a Game 3 full of action with the FS Bully iwnl + TNA SLICKΜON & Falcon TaySon 7 + GAMMA Th0masHD duos, who ended up fighting 50 seconds non-stop for the win. 

In a 1v1 situation, TNA SLICKΜON managed to take the last elimination against Falcon TaySon 7, securing the Victory Royale. 

After two hard matches, the Safaroonie + Khanada duo excelled in Game 4 working as the professional players they are, gaining even more points, in the constant search of getting a top place in standings.

If you ever saw an equal ending, this was even MORE. Game 5 had the K2G L2R2 + Magnolia9966 and NRG Buckе + G2 MackWood duos until the very end of the game, surviving for the Victory. Luckily, K2G L2R2 got the 1v1 elimination and hyped up our casters, Tocata & MonsterDFace.

In the last game, was the VCGO Avivv Yt & TMP Cryp duo who surprised everyone with the Victory Royale. The last one even dared to dance over his rivals!

Finally, the еl L2R2 + TNG Rise duo was August’s DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite NA East Grand Finals Winners!