October DreamHack Open Notable Players

Hey, everyone! Did you miss our blog posts? We missed you, too! 

With the arrival of Season 8 a few weeks ago, our tournaments are back. The most powerful players from NA East & Europe will show what they are made of.

Let’s talk about our predictions for October’s DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite: 

Degen & BenjyFishy

Great predictions material. They are the only players who made it to every one of their regions respective DreamHack Open Finals, being one of the most consistent ones in the whole history of the tournament.

Th0mas HD

He obtained first place at the Cash Cup Extra Presented by DreamHack EU this month. Besides that, in terms of most total DreamHack Open appearances, he’s at second place, below Degen and above Ajerss


He had a great performance during Season 7, becoming the first repeat DreamHack Open NA East champion. With a good duo, he has the chance to make it once again.

Teeq & K1nzell

These two players are both multiple time DreamHack Open champions in the European region, with Teeq having a record of three times finishing at 1st place.

Some additional information

The best finish by an EU team in NAE finals is 7th (michael & pinq in December), and the best by an NAE team/player in EU finals is 13th (Acorn & Jahq in August).

On average, roughly 80% of the teams that finish in the Top 10 are teams that have competed together previously, showing that chemistry is a valuable part of what drives success in DreamHack Open.

Keep up from Oct 7-10 to catch players across NA East and EU battle for the title of October’s DreamHack Open Champion! Finals will be broadcasted on our Twitch channel in English, Spanish, French, and German.