DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite Recap – Season 8

Hey, everyone!

We had the chance to host one of the most incredible Fortnite tournaments again for Season 8: DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite. It was full of amazing players, tactics, and Victory Royales!

With that said, letโ€™s recap what happened in each region finals:


The first game was so dynamic! The GUILD Hen + rezon ay duo managed to earn the Victory Royale against the last duo of the lobby, MCES BadSniper + MCES DKS, breaking the 100 points barrier in less than 1 hour.

Another must-see play was the one that Raaul almost made. After losing his partner during the battle, he almost nailed it in a 1v2 clutch.

From an early stage, the NRG Benjyfishy + 100T MrSavage duo showed everyone what they were capable of. This Victory Royale during the second game was a great starting point for them, placing 5th in standings at that moment.

During a duos tournament, losing your partner is a heavy disadvantage. Thatโ€™s what happened to Jur3ky, who even though he made it to the final battle, lost against the polish duo Kefyy + pkr29.ย 

Community: In almost every blog post, we keep reminding you that healing is the key! You have to keep a few fruits or med kits with you to survive the last moments, and this Victory Royale from the nayte + Vitality Snayzy duo is excellent to confirm our statement.

Actually, talking about nayte + Vitality Snayzy, they dominated the standings for a while after their second back-to-back Victory Royale! Powerful players, but even more powerful duo!

The Hispanic community also appeared in DreamHack socials, after the x6 Daan + Heretics Nakoo duo secured the 32nd place in standings with a Victory Royale.

Far from his partner (which was eliminated a minute ago), passivq, as Jur3ky a few games ago tried, had to clutch the TT9 Kylie + Fastroki duo for the win. Sadly, 2 against 1 is a hard battle to beat!

The last game was tense, and we loved it! The hispanic KPI Crow + KPI Joseeh duo, which ended 10th in standings, played at such a good level!

Finally, hereโ€™s the top trios from October’s DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite EU:

And their respective Champions, NRG Benjyfishy + 100T MrSavage:ย 

NA East

The FS Bully + Queasy duo started with the right foot, after getting their first Victory Royale. We only have one thing to say: Queasyโ€™s reflexes are impressive!ย 

It seems like they were not ok with just winning once, as they managed to earn a second back-to-back Victory Royale, dominating the standings!ย 

Any high ground lovers over here? Wellโ€ฆ Besides the flu Kjrop1 + flu cams duo! Conquering that side of the battlefield, they managed to fight against the last duo and overcame!

What couldโ€™ve been a second Victory Royale for the FS Bully + Queasy duo, resulted as a back-to-back win for the FLu Smite + shonye1x one!ย 

Securing the 3rd place in standings, the K2G Cold + elitxe duo earned a Victory Royale too. Defeating the third-in-standings Jฮฟั˜i + TabzG team, they had a total of 275 points at this point.

Only being 8 points away from joining the Top 10 in standings, the TNG Nut + clarity duo dominated the battlefield of their match, earning the Victory Royale!ย ย 

Sometimes you meet the love of your life, but not in the moment that it should happen. Well, this was not like that: A perfect timing for a perfect win from the ManCity Threats + Userz duo! (*cough cough* Healing *cough cough*)

In matters of seconds, the Voil + Xccept duo ended up with their enemies. The last game of the tournament belonged to them.

Finally, hereโ€™s the top trios from October’s DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite NA East:

And their respective Champions, FLu Smite + Shonye1x:ย