Cash Cup Extra Recap – Week 3, Season 8

Hey, everyone!

December, huh? The best time of the year! Are you ready for Christmas and a new year?

Let’s recap what happened in each region:


One of the most powerful trios of the region showcased what they were capable of. Yes, we are talking about Veno, Queasy and GUILD Anas! In Leven2K’s words, they were “winning games with ease”.

If one Victory Royale wasn’t enough, the Veno + Queasy + GUILD Anas trio made it one more time, getting a back-to-back win. The last elimination, made by the GUILD’s player with a top-tier aim and reflexes, secured their dominance in standings.

Game 3 was one of the greatest for the K1nzell + Bifrost Jur3ky + BL raifla trio. Keeping themselves alive in the low-ground, they managed to eliminate all their enemies, and claimed the Victory Royale!

This might not be a winning moment, but… we can say that our talents gave a great show!

Never two without three, that’s what people say! And yes, it applies to Fortnite too. The Veno + Queasy + GUILD Anas trio made it once again. We couldn’t ask for a back-to-back triple VR, but it was close enough.

We discovered that ShyoWager could rap, even double tempo mode! 

The TT9 Malibuca + Merstach + onyx shizoname trio made this game look so easy! Yet, when we try these three simple steps, our fingers kind of… stop working 😅

Would you believe us if we tell you that Veno + Queasy + GUILD Anas conquered Game 6, and earned their FOURTH VICTORY ROYALE? Well, you better do it!

Finally, here’s the top trios from December’s DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite EU:

And their respective Champions, Veno + Queasy + GUILD Anas

NA East

With a total of 91 points in their first game, the C9 Fryst + 33 Visxals + Osp trio secured the Victory Royale in an intense 2v1 situation! 

The back-to-back Victory Royale trend is real! Happened in Europe, and in NA East too: Game 2 belongs to C9 Fryst + 33 Visxals + Osp

A total of 261 points and 22 eliminations were the result of three excellent games for the G2 Ajerss + BBG Khanada1x + Rocaine trio, who at this point, were sitting at 2nd place in standings.

Can you feel the storm?! It’s dangerous, and you must avoid it. The Falcon Andilex + NRG EpikWhale + 100T ARKHRAM trio took the risk to get the Victory Royale, and it worked! This win allowed them to join the top 15 in standings.

Whether you are fighting in the mountains or under water, the Degen + C9 nosh + Eomzo trio will reach you anyways! The third-in-standings (at that moment) team secured Game 5 with an excellent last elimination.

If you ever wondered what a “Smooth ending” was, G2 Ajerss, BBG Khanada1x and Rocaine had the perfect definition during Game 6: This one! 

Finally, here’s the top trios from December’s DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite NA East:

And their respective Champions, G2 Ajerss, BBG Khanada1x: