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GGs September

We're really getting into a groove here! Wrapping up the 3rd month and this Fortnite tournament machine doesn't stop!

As a special treat we got to hear from one of our players about their tournament experience so far:

It's not easy to emerge top 3 of each region, so here's a special shoutout! A detailed top 100 placement can be found here.

EU Final Top players:

  1. teeqFN - $16,000
  2. znappyyy - $8,000
  3. Veroxuk - $7,400


NAE Final Top players:

  1. Marz_OW - $10,000
  2. bugha - $5,000
  3. hentvv - $4,700


NAW Final Top players:

  1. Alliege - $4,000
  2. ItssNach - $2,000
  3. Arkhram1x - $1,800

Ready for our next tournament?

If you didn't place this time, you'll have another shot next month. Stay tuned as we will soon announce the dates and open sign ups for our October tournament!