DreamHack’s Guiding Philosophy for Magic: The Gathering

Here at DreamHack, we are all about being immersed in exciting gamer experiences. The DreamHack Magic: The Gathering Showdown is a universe of opportunity for competition, community, and fun. From top competitors to new and casual players, there is Magic for everyone at DreamHack. “We are excited to produce this exclusive content for the United States as Wizard’s regional partner.”

In the Locator, click Premier Events, input your Zip Code, and then check the filter for RCQ.

Play Locally, Win Globally

DreamHack Magic Showdown WPN Qualifiers
DreamHack Magic Atlanta Showdown
Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour
Magic: The Gathering World Championship

DreamHack Magic Regional Championship Qualifier

Let’s Get Back Together!

WPN stores can run one Showdown Qualifier each round. A Premium store can run one 2-slot Qualifier or two 1-slot Qualifiers! Each WPN Showdown Qualifier has different promo cards.

Your WPN store decides when to run the Showdown Qualifier and the event format

Round One

  • Lava Spike for the first 32 preregistered players
  • Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx Non-Foil for the top 8 players
  • Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx Foil winner
  • One 3-Day DreamHack badge for the winner (picked up at Dreamhack)

Round Two

  • Thraben Inspector for the first 32 preregistered players
  • Selfless Spirit for the top 8 players
  • Selfless Spirit foil winner
  • One 3-Day DreamHack badge for the winner (picked up at Dreamhack)


WPN Legal Formats

  • Sealed Deck with Top 8 draft (Legal Draft Sets: Streets of New Capenna (SNC) or Double Masters 2 (2X2))
  • Standard
  • Modern
  • Pioneer

So let your store know what YOU want to play!

Partnering with Pinfinity

We partnered with Pinfinity to make a Teferi Top 8 RCQ pin bundle. An optional additional purchase is made when a store orders their kit. Each bundle contains a Champion’s pin and lanyard boxed set and seven window-boxed RCQ pins.


  • WPN store Regional Championship Qualifiers are the best place to play!
  • On-site Last Chance Qualifiers Friday at DreamHack
  • Sunday Qualifiers at the DreamHack (for the next Regional Championship)
  • Register your WPN store with MTGMelee.com
  • In the MTGMelee DreamHack Portal, order a DreamHack Regional Championship Qualifier Kit
  • We’ll verify your store information and set up the event in Wizards Event Link
  • Each WPN store chooses the competitive format* their players would love most
  • Each WPN store chooses the date, time, and entry fee for their Qualifier
  • Qualifier Kit promos must be awarded as indicated, additional prizes are up to the WPN store
  • Note: Qualifiers must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance for verification and shipping
  • Note: All Regional Championship Qualifiers are Competitive (decklists are required, players can create and submit constructed decklists for your event through MTGMelee)
  • Note: Qualifiers may not be part of any other Wizards of the Coast program (FNM, Prerelease, Game Day)

*Formats are Sealed Deck with Top 8 draft, Standard, Modern, and Pioneer.

  • Each round runs for a number of months based on when the DreamHack festivals are scheduled
  • WPN stores can run one (1) Qualifier per round
  • WPN Premium stores can run two (2) Qualifiers per round
    • Round 1 July 2nd through September 24th. 
    • The second round will be scheduled on TBD.
  • WPN Stores can begin scheduling their Qualifier events starting on April 1, 2022
  • The DreamHack ATLANTA Regional Championship Qualifier event dates must be scheduled to occur between July 2nd and September 24th 
  • DreamHack Atlanta is November 18 – 20, 2022
  • WPN Regional Championship Qualifier Kits are required to run Qualifier events.  Each Kit Contains:
    • 1 Qualifier Winner WPN Promo Foil – Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
    • 1 DreamHack badge for the winner (virtual will-call redemption)
    • 8 Qualifier Top 8 WPN Promos Non-Foil – Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
    • 32 Qualifier Preregistration Promos Non-Foil – Lava Spike
    • Informational inserts for running the event and DreamHack Magic Showdown partners

DreamHack has partnered with global suppliers to help WPN stores add extra zest to their Magic Showdown Regional Championship Qualifier events!

When ordering a Qualifier Kit, stores will also have the option to buy special bundles from our Showdown partners to enhance their event or enhance their store.  Each Showdown partner offers different options, and quantities are limited.

  • All WPN stores can order a basic bundle
  • WPN Premium stores can order an enhanced bundle

Players who qualify at any RCQ in the USA during the round are not authorized to compete in any further LGS RCQs for the remainder of the round. 

Players may attend Destination Events such as NRG, SCG, etc. If they win that RCQ their invite at the Destination Event will be null and void if they have already qualified. 

Complete FAQ

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Player FAQ

DreamHack is bringing a new vision of Magic: The Gathering to the world. From Competitive play to Casual fun, from Learn 2 Play to the Command Zone, come join our community of fans, artists, cosplayers, and creators to experience a festival unlike anywhere in the Multiverse!

The Regional Championship is a two-day, invitation-only, Competitive event with $130,000 USD, 48 Players Tour invites, and 2 Worlds invites up for grabs!

DreamHack RCQs are WPN store Qualifiers that earn you an invitation into the Regional Championship at a DreamHack Magic Showdown.

There are several ways to qualify for the Regional Championship.  The best option is, of course, playing at your local WPN store.

  • Winner of a Regional Championship Qualifier at your local WPN store
  • Pro Tour Hall of Fame members can choose one Regional Championship and its associated Pro Tour
  • Players already qualified for the associated Pro Tour
  • Players who are otherwise invited
  • Your favorite WPN local gaming store (LGS) is the best place to qualify
  • Your WPN store picks to date, time, price, and format
  • Qualifiers are competitive, so you’ll need a MTGMelee.com account to submit your decklist
  • WPN store events are run using EventLink and the Magic Companion app
  • Your Magic Arena login email is your Wizards account email and works on EventLink and the Companion app
  • Your feedback to your favorite store helps them plan the events you want
  • Players who qualify for the Regional Championship will be contacted via their Wizards account email address and have a DreamHack badge waiting for them at the DreamHack Magic Showdown Regional Championship

Congratulations on Qualifying for DreamHack Regional Championship. 

Next steps: 

  • Please make sure your store reports you as the winner to DreamHack at our email address WPNMagic@eslgaming.com or they can use the MTGMelee site to report their winner.
  • Once this is done we will have your ticket waiting for you at DreamHack Atlanta
  • No additional steps need to be taken by you
  • Mid-October we will email you at your Wizards account email confirming your invite & providing helpful details about DreamHack Atlanta and the Regional Championship

If you feel there was an error in reporting please email us at Magic@eslgaming.com 

If you feel like you have had a bad experience at your local LGS please first consult the rules of the WPN MTG_MTR prior to reporting. 

If you feel that the MTR was violated or that there is another reason not in the MTR to report please send an email with the following information. 

  • Name of Store and location
  • Incident description
  • Your name and contact info 

Please keep all reports as short and clear as possible. 

Players who qualify at any RCQ in the USA during the round are not authorized to compete in any further LGS RCQs for the remainder of the round. 

Players may attend Destination Events such as NRG, SCG, etc. If they win that RCQ their invite at the Destination Event will be null and void if they have already qualified.

Please fill out the form under the DreamHack Dallas Creator Hub area for more info.

Join our active Discord community today!

Players who qualify at any RCQ in the USA in a given round are not authorized to compete in any further LGS RCQs for the remainder of that round,  Players or stores that knowingly violate this policy can face loss of invite and badge for the payer, loss of the ability to run RCQs for the store, and potential further action.

Players may play in Destination Events such as the NRG series, SCG Cons, Pastimes conventions, and Card Monster Cons. If they win an invitation at the Destination Event, that invite will be null–there is no pass-down.

destination events

Destination Events and Series are special extra-large events that host RCQs.  Unlike Local RCQs, qualified players can play in Destination Events and Series RCQs!

DreamHack Atlanta
Magic Showdown

Be the Best: The DreamHack Magic Showdown Regional Championships

Be crowned the best Magic: The Gathering player in the United States at our Regional Championships.  This event is invitation-only and awards $130,000, Pro Tour invites, and World Championship invites in prizes!


Regional Championship


COUNTDOWN TO dreamhack dallas

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