DreamHack MastersTop newsJoin the DreamHack Masters Spring Pick’em Challenge!

Join the DreamHack Masters Spring Pick’em Challenge!

Join the DreamHack Masters Spring Pick'em Challenge and enter the running for top of the line products from our loyal partners - CORSAIR, Monster Energy and Intel®, as well as the latest DreamHack merchandise.

Do you consider yourself a CS:GO-expert amongst your friends?

Here is your chance to back up that statement and at the same time claim some great prizes. The Pick’em Challenge for DreamHack Masters Spring will include all matches spanning across the four regional tournaments in Europe, North America, Oceania and Asia.

The Pick’em Challenge will span over four weeks, covering the full length of the tournament and will include one overall leaderboard, where the top of the line products from our loyal partners will be up for grabs.

Should your fortune not be with you in week one, then fear not, you still have more chances to compete and win. For each of the four weeks, we’ll also host individual leaderboards with prizes up for grabs. So even though you’ve outplayed your chances in the overall leaderboard, weekly leaderboards are where you can still shine, taunt your friends and claim prizes.

This is how the Pick’em Challenge works

  • Log in with your ESL Account.
  • Put your picks on each DreamHack Masters Spring matchup on who is going to win.
  • Watch the overall and weekly rankings and try to get as high as possible.

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  • Match winners can be picked two weeks in advance for each matchup.
  • Picks can be adjusted until 10 minutes before each matchup.
  • Correct picks give 1 point per matchup.

For more details, see also the Terms and Conditions.


The overall leaderboard for the DreamHack Masters Pick’em Challenge will award top four ranked finishers with prizes:

Weekly Leaderboard

For each of the four weeks, the weekly leaderboard will see the person ranked first place take home the following prizes:

1st place on Weekly Leaderboard

Awards the following prizes:

How to claim your prizes

Winners will be contacted at the conclusion of DreamHack Masters Spring in order to claim their prizes.