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Looking back at DreamHack Melbourne 2022


DreamHack Melbourne 2022

DreamHack arrived in Melbourne in early September last year with a single goal in mind — be the place for gamers across Australia and New Zealand and ensure that everyone who walked into Olympic Park walked away having been part of a magical community experience. No matter what corner of the gaming community you call home, DreamHack Melbourne 2022 had something for you.

For the esports fans, both diehards and newcomers alike, there was a smorgasbord of top-tier competition all weekend, from CS:GO’s ESL Challenger Melbourne to the League of Legends Circuit Oceania (LCO) Grand Finals and Halo Championship Series (HCS) Melbourne. Fighting games held strong the whole weekend, with the FGC stage featuring a wide variety of competitions.

Content creators from across Australasia descended on DreamHack Melbourne as well, with streamers going live to their communities from the Stream Studio while others took photos and answered questions from fans in our meet-and-greet areas. Students from across the wider Melbourne area attended as part of Students’ Day, where they got to talk to industry veterans about life in both gaming and esports. 

The expo also gave the gaming community the opportunity to experience the latest & greatest around partner booths, and the main stage, with no shortage of events to keep anyone occupied. It didn’t matter where you were at DreamHack Melbourne 2022, something exciting was always around the corner. 

Intermingled through all of that was the constant pulse of live music from the main stage, with local DJs keeping the tunes pumping in the evenings. Plenty of other hype events took place on the main stage, with panels talking about every facet of the gaming community punctuated with giveaways and community activities. 

Perhaps the fiercest competition over the weekend wasn’t on the main stages, but in the Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) LAN Zone, which featured some intense competition over the weekend. Many entered tournaments held live from DreamHack, coming away with prizes and treasured memories to boot. 

It hasn’t even been six months since DreamHack first graced Australian shores, with DreamHack Melbourne 2022 hosting over twenty one thousand members of the gaming community over three fantastic days. Now, we’re ready to do it again, and DreamHack will return to Melbourne’s Olympic Park on the 28th April for another three days where the gaming community will come to life. So, what are you waiting for? Secure your ticket to DreamHack Melbourne 2023 now.

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