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Students Day is coming back to DreamHack Melbourne!


Back in the early 2000’s, growing up and hearing about what everyone’s ‘dream jobs’ should be always included mention of an Astronaut, or perhaps a Rock Star. In 2023 however, that’s changed – and we reckon, for the better. A career in gaming – whether that be behind-the-scenes in development, or on the public stage as a content creator, pro player, streamer or esports commentator – is a much more popular career goal than ‘Astronaut’ these days. That’s part of the reason why we’re so excited to welcome back DreamHack Melbourne Students Day for 2023.

What Is Students Day?

Students Day is a great opportunity for students and teachers to get involved in the growing esports & gaming space and provide insights into potential career opportunities available in the field. Alongside players, roles such as casters, broadcast technicians, hosts, coaches and management roles are all pivotal to gaming & esports events. DreamHack Melbourne Students Day will provide students with knowledge from a diverse range of industry professionals through a variety of panels and talks held from 10AM to 3PM. 

Topics including the following will be covered and will provide a great educational opportunity for young adults looking to enter a fast-paced, popular industry:

  • Starting a career in esports, Pathways from high school and Uni into the industry. 
  • Being safe online, and navigating the internet safely
  • How to start up as a streamer on a variety of platforms
  • What tools and techniques content creators use to promote their content
  • More to-be-announced topics

With any DreamHack Single-Day Friday ticket, attendees can also explore the rest of the festival and experience some of the other activities being held on Friday, April 28.

I have a school group that wants to attend – can I?

Absolutely! Any school or university group interested in attending DreamHack Melbourne Students Day can access exclusive group educational discounts – just reach out to our team here and we’ll be in touch.

So, get those thinking caps on, grab your pens and paper, and get ready to take notes – DreamHack Melbourne Students day is just around the corner!

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