April 26 – 28, 2024
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DreamHack’s Blooming Creators Featuring Boxesof_Foxes!

🌸🌱 Embrace ANZs Blossoming Talents with DreamHack’s Blooming Creators! 🌱🌸

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of creativity and inspiration as DreamHack proudly presents the Blooming Creators showcase. As spring arrives in Australia, a burst of fresh energy is on the horizon, and we’re excited to celebrate the journey of emerging talents through our Spring Showcase. 🌼🌟

Starting September 1st, as the vibrant and blooming atmosphere unfolds, and throughout the month, DreamHack is honoured to put the spotlight on the talents of emerging ANZ creators, offering a platform for their personalities to shine. 🌺✨

Let’s kick things off with the incredible Foxie, also known as Boxesof_Foxes! You might remember her as one of our standout DreamHack creators last April 2023, putting on a spectacular show in our Streaming Studio and helping the community in the Creator Lab. Tonight (Sep 1st), she’s hosting a special birthday stream, so don’t miss it! Be sure to send her your warm birthday wishes on our behalf. We recently had a chat with Foxie about her journey as a streamer, and you can check it out below. Take it away, Foxie! 🎉🎈

How did you first get into gaming and streaming?

I first got into gaming at a young age, classic Crash Bandicoot FIEND over here! But as I grew up, and discovered bigger and better games, I was in awe! I was a heavy Sims and Skyrim fan, and discovering the YouTube community around the Sims was mind blowing. There was a whole community out there that made videos about what I did in my bedroom? It was wild. I discovered Twitch through a YouTuber I watched a bunch, they did both and I instantly fell in love. Sharing my love for gaming while also meeting like minded people, and creating a community, I truly found a place I belong.

Could you describe your streaming style?

I adore creating chill vibes, a safe space for anyone to hang out in. I love the idea of creating a lurk friendly space, a stream you can have on in the background while you do your other tasks, hobbies and whatnot. I love the idea of “coworking” with my community. I love chill streams with calming music and low effort gameplay, and that’s what I deliver as well!

What obstacles have you faced along the way?

Imposter syndrome is a big one. Getting inside your own head is the worst, and almost even worse trying to get OUT of your head. It’s hard, but I don’t look at statistics. I have my own units of measurement for my content. Am I proud of it? Did I have fun making it? Do I think it’s entertaining?If it’s all yes, then I did a good job. I try not to focus on how it performs.

How do you interact with your viewers?

I strive to create an inclusive, safe space with a side of chaos. We are welcoming, accepting and are willing to educate others without judgement. Obviously, if someone is a threat to that safe space, we do act accordingly, but if someone is just unknowing and is willing to learn and grow, we help them! My community continues to grow into such a supportive, happy place that I get more and more excited to hang with them on stream and in discord every day!

Photo by Nicktacula
Picture of Boxesof_Foxes taken at DreamHack 23 by Nicktacula

“Streaming has honestly changed my life, I would not be where I am today without my community and Twitch. I wouldn’t know all the important people in my life, and I wouldn’t have this confidence in myself if I had never discovered Twitch.”


What are your aspirations for your channel?

Honestly, I just love the idea of growing my community. Meeting more like-minded, inclusive, supportive people to hang out with and just vibe! Of course, there are the goals of partner, more collaborations, higher viewers, etc. but when I really think about it, that doesn’t mean a hell of a lot to me… I want to create the safe space I never had for others that need it!

Can you share a standout or memorable moment from your streaming journey so far?

Last year, my community came together for my birthday and made a kudoboard filled of heartwarming, tear-jerking messages and gifs, also some very funny videos! They also spoiled me via Ko-fi and Throne, it was truly an unforgettable celebration and I could not ask for a more wholesome, cute community.

(Note from us: Perfect opportunity to go wish her a huge happy birthday – go, go, go!)

How do you manage your time with Streaming?

I work full time as well as basically full time content creating. I work five days, stream three nights (although I’m streaming more atm thanks to Grassroots ANZ), dedicate at least a day to other content and then there is all the life admin like groceries, family, catching up with friends and the partner. I’m not going to tell you it’s not difficult, it is VERY hard to juggle and something’s gotta give… usually for me, that’s sleep. But that’s why we have coffee 🙂 Once things settle down toward the end of the year, I’d like to re-jig my schedule a bit and try and really fit everything in a nice little package, but I somehow feel like I’m dreaming xD

Have you collaborated with other streamers or content creators?

I’ve worked with a few notable content creators! I was interviewed as a part of PrideANZ by 8bitElliott, in which he was asking me about content creation in the LGBT space and how it differs as a minority group. Also a part of PrideANZ, I hosted a Fortnite collaboration with 8bitElliott, emiloo and HeyImNatalia to showcase queer creators in gaming. I also feature a lot on my partner’s stream, Nicktacula, as we play the same games and he invites me on! More recently, I was featured on xClementine_’s stream where she held a family feud like game show for her Grassroots ANZ showcase, this was a hoot to be a part of! On approaching people for collabs, I normally only approach people I am comfortable with, as I do have a fear of rejection… also, collaborations work so much better when you are on good terms with the other person as the chemistry flows so much better on the stream.

Could you share some details about your streaming setup and the tech you use to ensure a smooth and high-quality stream?

I’ve upgraded a lot of my tech over the years and I’m finally at a place where I’m MOSTLY happy with all of it. Of course, nothing is future proof, but I’m content with my Shure MV7X mic and GOXLR Mini – I’m a firm believer of good audio over good video, because most of my audience listen only. I need to sound good. So that was my first priority. I then was gifted the Facecam from Elgato, so now my video matches my audio quality! I also have two StreamDecks which make streaming a breeze, controlling it all from the press of a button really does take a load off. Next on the list is a new PC as my baby has served me well for the past five years, but she’s reaching her limit xD

How important do you think it is for streamers to give back to their community and beyond?

I hold a lot of different events during the year. I’ll do a charity event once a year, and will also hold a special event for both my stream anniversary and birthday, separately. These are either long streams or “streamathons” with incentives to make the streams go longer. I also try to hold a giveaway on my birthday streams to give back to my community! This year, we have gifts from Elgato, DevolverDigital and XboxANZ to giveaway!

🌼 Thank you so much, Foxie, for joining us for our very first Spring Showcase. You can catch Boxesof_Foxes Monday/Wednesday/Saturday – 6pm AEST. 🌷

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DreamHack’s Blooming Creators Featuring Boxesof_Foxes!

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