April 26 – 28, 2024
Melbourne, Australia

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LHP64D Join’s DreamHack’s Blooming Creators

🌸🌱 Embrace ANZ’s Blossoming Talents with DreamHack’s Blooming Creators! 🌱🌸

As spring blossoms across Australia, we’re excited to celebrate the journey of emerging talents through our Spring Showcase. 🌼🌟

Now, let’s introduce our second creator of the season, the fantastic LHP64D!

LHP64D isn’t just one of our esteemed creators from DreamHack 2023; he’s also dedicating the entire month of September to raising funds for Cure Cancer, supporting crucial cancer research. Catch him in action, playing Bethesda’s latest game, Starfield, exchanging shoeie challenges for donations, and spreading inspiration. Make sure to tune in!

We couldn’t have picked a better creator to represent the essence of this Springtime Showcase. Discover all the insightful answers about LHP64D below and get to know him better!

How did you first get into gaming and streaming?

I first got into gaming because I needed help with maths and science in primary school so my parents got me Gizmos and Gadgets which proved fun and helpful. Not long after I was playing on friends Commodores, Atari and Sega Master Systems! I fondly remember Alex the Kidd and accidentally wiping Windows from my parents computer. One of the fondest gaming memories I have as a kid was receiving a Gameboy and Pokemon Red & Blue for Christmas in 1998. That was my first ever all nighter!

As for streaming, I’d frankly never heard of Twitch until August 2020 when I was approached by a friend and asked to stream on Facebook Gaming for his Sister in Laws company. While they were working out the details, I figured I’d better practise so jumped onto Twitch. The FB Gaming thing didn’t work out, but I’d already started to build a community and have fun on Twitch, so I stayed and kept going because it’s still fun.

Could you describe your streaming style?

I broadly define streamers in two styles, chaotic and cosy. I like to think I fall into the cosy category, combining that with a progressive and open mindset whilst leaning into some Aussie-ness with Tim Tams, Shoeys and some bogan slang thrown in for good measure, though I steer clear of the C word because I respect that it’s still quite offensive to many people around the world.

What obstacles have you faced along the way?

Feeling secluded. Like, you’re alone in your job as a streamer, that there is no-one you can reach out to or talk to. It’s something I still struggle with but I’ve been fortunate to make a few genuine streamer friends and we all talk and share our thoughts, learnings and resources.

How do you interact with your viewers and foster a positive and engaging community on your channel?

I read every single message that comes through, I acknowledge every single follow, sub, donation etc, I never want someone to feel ignored, to the point that if I am on a tangent and deep diving a topic, I will acknowledge that I see other peoples messages and will come back to it, and I do. We’re also active in my Discord community where we just talk about most things that happen on a day to day basis. In terms of positivity, I would say myself, and the community I’ve built and foster is pro-LGBTQ2+, pro-BIPOC, pro-women and more. I am a better person for having my community, I’ve learned so much and strive to be a better ally every day.

I truly believe that I need to use my platform and privilege to elevate those less fortunate than myself which is why we talk about all sorts of topics and have raised over $10,000 AUD for various charities including but not limited to Trans Empowerment Project (T.E.P.), Girls Who Code (G.H.C.) and more.

What are your aspirations for your channel?

Streaming for me, is my social outlet, it’s where I can be the extrovert I am and thrive off that energy. My aspirations are to slowly and steadily grow the community and play games with everyone but also chat with them. I do Just Chatting Hobby streams now too which are absolutely relaxing and I get to share many other passions with the community other than games. 

And whilst I was able to apply for Partner this year due to a few WoW related programs (Dragonflight launch and featured by Raider.io), I’m in no rush. Partner or not, I just like having fun with the community and sharing my thoughts and feelings with them and them with me.

Can you share a standout or memorable moment from your streaming journey so far?

There are so many but the most immediately memorable gaming moment that comes to mind was taking two weeks off work and playing Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker expansion from launch along with everyone else. Otherwise, I’ve eaten Vegemite, done shoeys (of Redbull) and copped a whipped cream pie to the face.

How do you manage your time between streaming, personal commitments, and possibly work or studies?

This is something I’m passionate about and talk about a lot on stream and outside of stream with others.

I work a full time job, put enough hours into streaming to call that full time too (streaming and everything else associated with it), plus work part-time in esports (Fortress Melbourne, REKT, teaching MTG at cons) and am married which at the end of the day is my No.1 priority and commitment.

I manage it all by planning weeks, sometimes months in advance, and consulting with my wife. She is the most important aspect of my world, and she comes first. We discuss my plans and if they work for her. I also set aside Tuesday nights and Sundays just to spend time with her. Otherwise 9-5 is my day job and 6-11 most weeknights is stream related as are the hours on Saturdays I don’t stream.

Have you collaborated with other streamers or content creators?

I personally think they’re fantastic and that I don’t do enough of them often enough. I have collaborated with a few other World of Warcraft, and FFXIV streamers, but that was more ad-hoc. I approach collaborations with empathy and understanding. I’m very flexible when it comes to when I can do something with someone so generally defer to the other creator(s). They’ve generally been positive collabs too. A game show style collab with Arianna, a podcast with SamTalkz and several gaming sessions with a few other creators.

Someone I’d like to work with? In my sphere (MMO) it’d have to be Maximum (Team Liquid Max) for World of Warcraft or Rookuri (Caster/Host for FFXIV content).

Could you share some details about your streaming setup and the tech you use to ensure a smooth and high-quality stream?

Funnily enough this is in transition over the coming weeks. I run a single machine stream set-up, two lights, 1 webcam, 1 streamdeck, 1 GoXLR Mini, 1 mic, 2-3 monitors, several headsets and use OBS. I have just purchased a second computer, a sit/stand set-up and 3 new monitors so I have consistent resolution and sizes now too.

To ensure it all runs smoothly, I do a tech test an hour before every stream which involves recording audio and video, watching it back, turning on and off all my lights, testing my stream deck, checking audio settings in Windows, OBS and Discord etc.

In terms of quality, using a good gear can help but research for optimal settings can help a lot too.

I am currently in the process of building a second computer too, to switch to a 2 pc set-up.

How important do you think it is for streamers to give back to their community and beyond?

I have done several charity events in my 3 years as a content creator and raised over $10,000 AUD for charities that are near to myself and the community. As mentioned earlier, T.E.P., G.H.C., Starlight Foundation and I am currently in early talks with Game On Cancer for another event.

I’ve also taken part in several giveaway events with the community, specifically with my relationship with Square Enix via their Australian Agency – Double Jump Comms – I have given away loads of cool things and actually have to ship a whole map to North America atm.

In terms of event hosting, I’ve actually put together, produced and hosted a League of Legends tournament about a year ago which was fun and a steep learning curve. I also hosted the Fortress Melbourne Watch Party for the 2023 League of Legends MSI’s grand final which some of my community attended also!

LHP64D showing he will do what it takes to raise money for a good cause and give back to the community.

Thank you so much, LHP64D, for taking the time to speak to us. Best of luck for your charity drive this month. If you want to jump in and support his channel, you can find him 6pm-11pm every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. 🌼🌟

Full Starfield schedule is below:

  • Sept 1st – 6pm to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 2nd – 8am to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 3rd – 8am to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 4th – No Stream
  • Sept 5th – No Stream
  • Sept 6th – 6pm to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 7th – 6pm to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 8th – 6pm to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 9th – 8am to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 10th – 8am to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 11th – No Stream
  • Sept 12th – No Stream
  • Sept 13th – 6pm to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 14th – 6pm to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 15th – 6pm to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 16th – 8am to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 17th – 8am to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 18th – No Stream
  • Sept 19th – No Stream
  • Sept 20th – 6pm to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 21st – 6pm to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 22nd – 6pm to 11pm (Starfield)
  • Sept 23rd – 9am to 1pm (WoW)
  • Sept 24th – No Stream
  • Sept 25th – No Stream
  • Sept 26th – No Stream
  • Sept 27th – 6pm until 11pm
  • Sept 28th – 6pm until 11pm
  • Sept 29th – 6pm until 11pm 
  • Sept 30th – 9am to 1pm (WoW)

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LHP64D Join’s DreamHack’s Blooming Creators

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