April 26 – 28, 2024
Melbourne, Australia

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MiseryPlague Enchants in DreamHack’s Blooming Creators

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🌸🌱 Embrace ANZ’s Blossoming Talents with DreamHack’s Blooming Creators! 🌱🌸

As spring blooms across Australia, we’re thrilled to delve into the stories of emerging talents highlighted in our Spring Showcase. 🌼🌟

Say hello to MiseryPlague, the gaming enthusiast who embraces a love for horror, metal music, and a touch of comedy. A DreamHack creator, MiseryPlague seamlessly merges her passion for gaming with her comedic flair. Her journey began with Apex Legends, leading her into the realm of VTubing and versatile streaming. With a natural ability to make people laugh and create an engaging atmosphere, she’s cultivated a distinct haven that’s more than just games—it’s about forging connections, sharing joy, and making unforgettable moments.

We’ve had the pleasure of delving into her world with a few questions. Now, it’s over to you, MiseryPlague! 🌷

How did you first get into gaming and streaming?

I got into streaming Apex Legends in late 2020, my friends inspired and encouraged

me to begin streaming for fun, so I went for it! Then in early 2022 I became a VTuber

and started dipping my toes into variety streaming.

Could you describe your streaming style?

I consider my style of streaming to be interactive and chatty, but I also like focusing

on gameplay while doing all of that. The content I like to create the most is really

anything that will make someone laugh, whether it’s an unhinged reaction to

something, or me screaming and crying while I try clutch a 1v3. I think what sets me

apart from others is my demeanor. I just vibe to music with my community, talk

about random stuff, and have fun while playing games.

What obstacles have you faced along the way, and how have you worked to overcome them and grow your channel?

I’ve faced many obstacles along my streaming journey, one of the most significant

was figuring out what type of streamer I want to be. I got tired of having to dress up

everytime I went live as I originally streamed with a face camera. I found VTubing to

be a great solution for that. Now I don’t need to spend a lot of time getting ready to

stream, instead my virtual self is just there and ready to go so I can put more energy

into interacting on my stream, and I just love the technology of VTubing too and how

creative you can be with it these days!

 How do you interact with your viewers and foster a positive and engaging community on your channel?

My favorite ways to interact with my community is by playing games with them, and

chatting with them even while I’m offline. I find Discord to be one of the best

platforms to build a more intimate connection with your community on, I definitely

encourage any aspiring content creators to build a community Discord server to

engage with their community.

Can you share a standout or memorable gaming moment from your streaming journey so far?

One moment that stands out to me was last year, after doing a watch party for Apex

Legends Global Series and seeing an Australian team win, I ended up queuing into a

game with iiTzTimmy on my team. After a rough start to the game and running

around with no weapon, I saved Timmy by reviving him then we got a victory

together. My community really enjoyed that moment and Timmy’s community were

really kind and thankful to me as well. Really anytime I can make someone laugh, or

brighten up their day, is a heartwarming moment for me.

What are your aspirations for your gaming streaming channel?

I’m a quality over quantity kind of person, so my aspirations are to continue to build

and foster a welcoming environment for my community, and I’d love to dip my toes

into more variety gaming. There’s so many newer games that look really cool

(especially some horror ones!) that I’d love to play as part of my ‘Spooky Sunday’

series, and with my community.

How do you manage your time between streaming, personal commitments, and possibly work or studies?

When I’m not streaming, I’m working multiple jobs, completing a bachelors degree,

and going to a lot of gigs, all while producing all my content myself. It can be

demanding and hard to find a good balance, so I just try my best to keep myself

organised as best I can, and prioritise what I need to at the time! I have a cute lil

Kuromi To-Do list & Power Puff girls planner that I use to organise myself and set

goals (personal, academic or content-wise) for each week.

Have you collaborated with other streamers or content creators?

Honestly I am a really shy person so I understand approaching other streamers for

collabs can be really daunting! I just like to get to know other people first, by

interacting with them or maybe by playing games with them off stream, before we

make any plans to stream together. I’d really love to play Apex with Apricot one day, I

feel like we’d hit it off because we both love metal music, apex, and are demonic.

Could you share some details about your streaming setup and the tech you use to ensure a smooth and high-quality stream?

Two pieces of equipment I couldn’t stream without is my StreamDeck and my VTube

Face Tracking setup. I bought a really cute Sanrio phone stand in LA last year, and it’s

great to put my phone in a position where I can have the most optimal angle for face

tracking so my VTube model can come alive! The StreamDeck also just makes things

so much easier since it has a lot of features and API at your fingertips.

How important do you think it is for streamers to give back to their community and beyond?

It can be tough out there in the world these days, so I think it’s important to give

back when you can! Money is tight for me sometimes, and it’s really kind that people

support my content in monetary ways, so I like to give back whenever I have the

resources to. I recently participated in the GamersOutreach VTuber Summer Slam,

where we raised money to bring gaming and entertainment to hospitalised children

around the world, and in the past I’ve done a handful of giveaways for in-game items

or codes.

“Thank you to DreamHack for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the Blooming Creators, and thank you to anyone who reads this interview!”


Thank YOU MiseryPlague, for embarking on this journey with us! For those eager to catch her streams, join the summoning of the gloomy demon girl on Twitch most days of the week, starting from 7 PM AEST.

MiseryPlague’s plan for this upcoming Subtember on Twitch!

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