April 26 – 28, 2024
Melbourne, Australia

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Ashanyx Takes Center Stage in DreamHack’s Blooming Creators

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🌸🌱 Embrace ANZ’s Blossoming Talents with DreamHack’s Blooming Creators! 🌱🌸

As Australia ushers in spring, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the budding talents showcased in our Spring Showcase. 🌼🌟

Meet Ashanyx, a passionate gamer, cosplayer, and content creator with a deep love for horror and story games. She fuels her world with gaming, cosplay, anime, tech, and pop culture, sharing it with her cherished companions: Spud, Goose, and Lilith. While she doesn’t claim to be the best gamer, her channel is all about embracing fun, making mistakes, and sharing her gaming adventures. You might recognise Ashanyx from her DreamHack panel or the streaming booth—come join her on this exciting journey through the realms of gaming and cosplay! 🌷

How did you first get into gaming and streaming?

I have been a big gamer for as long as I can remember. I grew up playing a variety of consoles and watching gaming YouTubers whenever I could! I loved Nintendogs, Cooking Mama and Just Dance the most as a kid! As I got older, I would meet my closest friends through gaming, playing Black Ops 2 Zombies or GTA V after school! I saved up and built my first gaming PC. It was a huge change and opened up so many possibilities, but it did take me a while to learn how to use a mouse and keyboard! I learnt about Twitch from some followers on a TikTok live. I loved the idea of showcasing my gameplay while chatting! I have met some of my favourite people through streaming and grown more confident in myself and my gameplay!

Could you describe your streaming style?

I am a high-energy variety streamer, a bit chaotic, but in a good way! I particularly love horror and story games. I occasionally show off my terrible FPS skills! I love making positive, inclusive and feel-good content, turning every game and stream into something exciting and personal! I take my time to get to know my community members and encourage them to get involved if they want to!

 What obstacles have you faced along the way, and how have you worked to overcome them and grow your channel?

It can be hard to find your feet and rhythm in the beginning. It takes time to discover what type of content you want to make! I am still developing my content and growing every day! Streaming requires a lot of motivation and consistency, which can be hard to keep up with. There are always good and bad days, so it is helpful to have a support system! I am grateful for the people around me who inspire me and push me to be my best! They help me navigate some of the negativity that comes with being online.

Lilith is the main character.

How do you interact with your viewers and foster a positive and engaging community on your channel?

I always try to foster a welcoming and inclusive community. I like to have a long Just Chatting segment at the start of my streams to catch up with my viewers. I love sharing stories and experiences and encourage my viewers to do the same! We have amazing conversations and discuss many random topics, like nostalgic Aussie TV shows! I am always rambling, so I love to talk a lot! I like to take my time to connect with my viewers and make sure to recognise everyone as an individual! I think it is important to interact with my community outside of streams, such as in my Discord server or other platforms where I share my daily life content!

What are your aspirations for your gaming streaming channel?

I am excited to continue growing my community and meeting more amazing people! I would really love to get involved in more charity and streaming events in the future. I have loved attending conventions and hosting panels, sharing my knowledge in the creative industry! I have a lot of passion for my content and love inspiring others to follow their dreams! I absolutely have goals of partnership and collaboration, but I want to build a platform where I can help people!

Can you share a standout or memorable gaming moment from your streaming journey so far?

Last year, I participated in GenerOZity’s 72-hour marathon stream with my partner, Buzz. We streamed at 3 a.m. and pulled an all-nighter for the event! We had various fun and messy incentives, including eating A LOT of sour candy, confetti, glitter, and stickers whilst we played Mario Kart (really badly). I am still finding pieces of confetti around the house! So many of my community members stayed up for the stream even though it was so early in the morning. I felt so supported! We stayed awake with the GenerOZity team most of the weekend, helping interact and promote the event! We barely got any sleep, but it was so much fun. The event ended up raising over $50k for Cure Cancer Australia!

How do you manage your time between streaming, personal commitments, and possibly work or studies?

It can be challenging to find a balance, but I think it is so important to find a schedule that works! I am honestly still figuring out what works for me. Sometimes, I take it day by day because it can get overwhelming! When a lot is happening, I take time to plan my week! This helps me know what to expect and I can update my community about my plans!

Could you share some details about your streaming setup and the tech you use to ensure a smooth and high-quality stream?

I am a tech enthusiast. It has been amazing to grow my streaming setup over the years! I love my Elgato lights the most. I use a Key Light Air and a Ring Light for my lighting. I can control it all via my desktop, so it’s super convenient! I have a mixture of Nanoleaf and Genio lighting to brighten my backdrop because I love ambient lighting! My camera is the Sony a6400 with the Sigma 16mm lens via the Elgato 4k capture card. It creates such a crisp visual with a blurred background. I use the Shure MV7 as my microphone. It has such clear and high-quality audio, with control options built in! I take pride in my stream setup, having a colourful background to create a memorable experience for viewers.

How important do you think it is for streamers to give back to their community and beyond?

I love engaging with my community however I can! I have taken part in charity streams with GenerOZity and Cure Cancer Australia. I have so much fun creating the silly incentives to motivate people to donate! I am a big believer in giving back, so I try to get involved wherever I can! I also love to engage with my community in person! I regularly attend conventions in cosplay and encourage my community to have a chat if they also attend! It’s so much fun meeting people! I have made many incredible lifelong friends because of the gaming community!

Ashanyx, we appreciate you joining us on this thrilling journey! If you’re eager to catch her Twitch streams, remember to tune in every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6pm AEST. 🌱✨

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