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DreamHack’s Halloween Horror Recommendations!


Find the perfect game to play this Halloween! 👻

Welcome, spook-seekers! 🎃 This Halloween, prepare to be thrilled as we delve into the sinister world of horror gaming. We’ve enlisted the help of our favourite horror streamers to curate the ultimate scare-fest. Discover their bone-chilling recommendations and get ready for a night of heart-pounding excitement! 👻💀

Seriesofblurs Madison

REAPZ The Happyhills Homicide

TinyandTrash Little Nightmares

SharkieThe Mortuary Assistant


Dive into any of these spine-tingling games … if you dare! 👻🎮

You can check out any of these streamers for more spooky game goodness all year round! Be sure to jump in their chat and tell them what you think of their recommendations. Thanks for reading!

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