Official Tournaments

Melbourne Features multiple FGC tournaments to compete in.

$5,000+ in Cash Prizes

Compete for your chance to win while leveling up!

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Pay a $1 Non Refundable Tournament fee per game.

fgc at dreamhack


In partnership with CouchWarriors, DreamHack Melbourne will showcase the latest and greatest in fighting competitions. Stay tuned for more information on further details. Whether you’re a competitive fighting games player or just a casual fan, you won’t want to miss the energy and action.

This will be part of the Tekken World Tour as a Dojo Prime event!

prize pools

Nintendo Switch
– Super Smash Bros Ultimate with a $1000 AUD prize pool

Playstation 4
– Guilty Gear Strive with a $1000 AUD Prize pool
– Tekken 7 with a $1000 AUD Prize pool
– Street Fighter V with a $1000 AUD Prize pool
– DNF Duel with a $1000 AUD Prize pool

Official Singles Tournaments begin as early as 10 AM AEST Friday, September 2nd
Full Schedule available at the Registration portal found here:

This is a Bring your own Fight Stick or Controller Tournament.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your assigned tournament time to check into your pool which will be listed before the event.

The game-specific rules will be announced at a later point

Pay a $1 Non-Refundable Tournament fee per game to reserve your spot and compete.


Melbourne features tournaments for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Guilty Gear Strive, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V Champion Edition & DNF Duel

Are you interested in participating?

Pay a $1 Non-Refundable Tournament fee per game to reserve your spot and compete at DreamHack Melbourne.