Bring your computer, bring your friends

DreamHack today is known as the World’s biggest gaming lifestyle festival, but our roots are in LAN parties. We’ve hosted large-scale LAN parties since 2001, where you can bring your own computer (that’s where ‘BYOC’ comes from) and game to your hearts content over the weekend. It’s definitely a big commitment to transport your entire gaming setup to the venue, so why do people do it? It’s a completely unique experience to spend the weekend surrounded by gamers, your chance to meet up with online friends, watch esports together, and make new friends. Everybody you meet at DreamHack is connected with a love for gaming.

Each LAN ticket at DreamHack Melbourne gets you a reserved seat for the whole weekend in a 24-hour LAN party, including a port on our high-speed internet connection, power outlets for your gear, and a chair. You can even bring your own chair if you want! The LAN is a secured and restricted access area: you cannot enter without a LAN ticket or a parental access upgrade Ticket. Your LAN ticket also acts as a festival pass, meaning you can go and enjoy everything the festival has to offer. It’s our first LAN party with you in Australia, and so just like when the OG DreamHacks kicked off, we’re focusing on providing an intimate experience in year one. Help us make this first year a truly unforgettable experience, so much so that we have to come back in future years to make it bigger and better!

● Mini-Games
● LAN Tournaments
● Door Prizes

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● The LAN party is restricted to people 15 years and older
● A parent can request a ticket to enter the LAN area with no fee
● If your child is under the age of 18 and wants to compete in our tournaments you must sign a parental consent at site

Please bring the following:
– PC
– Monitor Power Cable/Supply
– Mouse
– Keyboard
– Headphones
– The games you wish to play are pre-installed and updated
– Monitor (Just 1)
– Power cable/supply
– Video cables (HDMI, VGA, DVI, DP)

– Your friends (don’t pack them, it’ll be awkward at security)
– Your phone
– Money (for parking, food and/or drinks)
– Decorations! All must be powered off your PC and fit in your space without disturbing anyone else near you. 🙂

– Speakers (Please use a headset for audio)
– Appliances (Fridge, coffee machines, kettles)
– UPS equipment
– Multi-Monitor setups, televisions, or 35″+ monitors
– Source Network and Power Cables (we provide these)
– Alcohol (this will be available at the event)

All power cables will need to be tag and tested with currently active tags. There will be complementary tag and testing services available on site Friday morning.


IN OUR LAN Tournaments


Prize pool: $500


Format: TBD
Prize pool: TBC


Time Attack
Prize pool: $100


Prize pool: $100

1pm | ARAM – 5v5 SE
1pm | CS:GO – 5v5 DE
5pm | Trackmania – Fastest Time
7pm | CS:GO – cont
7pm | Halo MCC – FFA

10am | TFT – FFA
10am | CS:GO – Wingman DE
1pm | LoL – 5v5 DE
1pm | R6:Siege – 6v6 DE
5pm | Tetris – 1v1 DE
5pm | CS:GO surf – Fastest time
7pm | AOE:II (DE) – FFA
7pm | League Cont
7pm | R6:Siege Cont
7pm | Halo Infinite | FFA

10am | CS:GO – Arms Race (Heats)
1pm | LoL – ARAM 3v3 SE
1pm | Valorant – 5v5 SE

byoc features


$ 99
  • Table Seat & Chair in LAN
  • 3-days Access To All Areas
  • 100mbit Ethernet Connection (1 port)
  • 36" x 30" Space for your PC and peripherals
  • IEM Dallas Entrance
  • 24-hour, 3-day access:

BYOC ultra

This ticket type is volume limited.
$ 499
  • Table Seat & Chair in LAN
  • 3-days Access To All Areas
  • Gigabit Ethernet Connection (1 port)
  • 48" x 30" space for your PC and peripherals
  • $100 voucher code for use in the ESL / DH Merch Store at the festival
  • Unique badge including customization
  • Access to the BYOC Founders and Ultra Lounge with complimentary snacks
  • 120hz screen (loan) & Gaming chair (loan)
  • Access to the premium registration line
  • IEM Dallas Entrance
  • 24-hour, 3-day access:

BYOC premium

$ 255
  • Table Seat & Chair in LAN
  • 3-days Access To All Areas
  • Gigabit Ethernet Connection (1 port)
  • 48" x 30" space for your PC and peripherals
  • $75 voucher code for use in the ESL / DH Merch Store at the festival
  • IEM Dallas Entrance
  • 24-hour, 3-day access:


There are a number of public transport options when traveling to DreamHack Melbourne! We recommend organizing ahead using the Public Transport Victoria Journey Planner.

DreamHack Melbourne will have content from 10 AM-8 PM Friday, 2 Sept. through Sunday, 4

Sept 2022. The LAN party will be 24 hour access from 10AM Friday, 2 Sept. through to 6PM

Sunday, 4 Sept 2022. Some activities may occur outside of these hours and times are

subject to change.

LAN tournaments will run on all three days throughout the weekend, with a detailed schedule
to be released closer to the event.

Yes, you are welcome to bring consoles. You will need to bring all the necessary elements including controllers for your space. Everything you bring needs to fit within your area is the only limitation! Please note that it’s unlikely that console-based tournaments will be available.

Request a Parental LAN upgrade from the check-in staff onsite. They will upgrade your credential to allow access. Please note your access will be linked to your child’s seat and does not grant you a seat on the LAN. If you want to have a seat, you need to buy a full ticket. Please note your child must be 15 years or older to participate in the LAN.

LAN ticket holders will be sent information on seat selection closer to the event.

Homemade food in small amounts is acceptable. You can also bring a water bottle into the venue providing it is 600ml or under and made from ‘soft plastic’.

Please refer to the venue’s Conditions of Entry for further information.

Parking is approximately $20 for full-day parking at MOPT when pre-booking your parking.

No, the LAN ticket is separate to the Halo competition and you only need a festival pass, or
be willing to purchase multiple day passes if you progress in the competition to be eligible.
Registration for Halo will be handled on the day. Further information will be released closer
to the event.

Alcohol will not be allowed within the LAN area however as a licensed event you will have the option to purchase and consume alcohol in other areas of the event.

Public WIFI will be available. The bandwidth available will vary depending on the load placed
on it.

Contact our customer support reps and we’ll help you out!

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