opportunity for students

Dreamhack Melbourne Students Day is an opportunity for students to get involved in the growing esports & gaming community and gain an understanding of career opportunities available in the field. Alongside the players, roles such as casters, broadcast technicians, hosts, coaches, and management roles are all pivotal to esports events. Dreamhack Melbourne Students Day will provide students with knowledge from industry professionals through a variety of panels and talks held all day on the Margaret Court Arena stage and in the new CENTREPIECE venue. The structure allows for student groups to create their own itinerary or stick to a whole-day schedule. Outside of the managed schedule, students can explore the festival and experience some of the competitive events being held on Friday,
September 2


The panels on the day hosted in Margaret Court Arena & Centrepiece will cover a variety of subjects such as:
● Working in Esports/Getting a Job in Esports
● Online Safety and Social Media
● University pathways to the esports industry
● Life As a content creator
● Community esports showcase (including students play on stage & student commentators)


10:15 AM – Working in Esports/Getting a Job in Esports – life after being a pro player
11:05 AM – Online Safety and Social Media
11:55 AM – University Pathways to the esports industry
1:35 PM – Community esports showcase – students play on stage – student commentator
2:10 PM – Life as a content creator – how to making a living as a streamer/youtuber


Education institutions including schools, universities, and clubs can contact us by filling in this form: https://esl.gg/studentsdayform for special deals on group tickets for students. For anyone wanting to come along and check out the Students Day content individually, tickets for Friday start at $30 for Children or $50 for Adults. Full ticket options are available here