How do I sign up for the Dallas Live Qualifier?

Signups will open 31 May. Fill in the signup form here.

How do I sign up for the Summer Samsung Qualifier?

Fill in the signup form here.

Is there an age limit to this event?

The online qualifiers are governed by your regions local laws. For participation in the on-site qualifiers all you need is a DreamHack ticket.

Is there a special ticket I need to get to participate in Mobile Series?

You do not need a ticket to participate in the online open qualifiers. Any DreamHack ticket will make you eligible to participate in the on-site qualifiers.

Which day will the on-site qualifiers be?

They will alway be on the first day of the event.

I have qualified to an event, what do I need to know?

Congrats on qualifying! We will provide you with a festival pass, flight, and accommodation. We will also be providing you with a tablet on-site to play the tournament on.

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