Playing 24/7 is even better when you get to compete in our tournaments. Form new alliances or make a team with your friends. Whoever you’re fighting with, work together to crush your opponents so you can all win some prizes. It is easy to sign up, a ton of fun, and it’s free with your BYOC ticket.

A BYOC ticket is required to participate in any of the tournaments below.

All of the BYOC Tournaments will be listed below with the total prize pool. Rules and more information will follow soon.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

10 000$


6 000$


10 000$


7 500$
Format: Trio


4 000$


3 000$


5 000$
Format: Squad (4 person per team)

Console tournament

A visitor ticket is required for each day you plan to compete.

NHL 19

Saturday 2v2: $1,000

Sunday 1v1: $1,000

Mobile tournament

Clash Of Clans

Good Stuff to Know

Don’t know what to pack? These are some good things to remember:


Headset or headphones
Network cable, about 30 feet long (10 meters)
Duct Tape – Solves everything and a little more
Mobile phone and charger
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Comfortable clothes and shoes

A mini-history of DreamHack…

Like all good LAN parties, DreamHack was founded by a couple of gamers just wanting to get together and game with friends. DreamHack was founded in November 1994 by Kenny “K2-ICE” Eklund and Martin “DH_Admin” Öjes. They rented the local school cafeteria in the small city Malung and invited their computer enthusiast friends to join them for a weekend of coding and hacking. The event attracted 40 people and had no Internet connection.

DreamHack is the world’s largest digital festival. DreamHack’s core and origin is the LAN party, with the two major festivals in Sweden – DreamHack Summer in June and DreamHack Winter in November. In 2007 DreamHack was awarded with a “Guinness World Record of no of computers in a LAN” with 10,455 connected devices in the network. At DreamHack Winter 2015, the network had 23,425 unique devices in the network, the largest DreamHack Network and LAN ever built!

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