What are the festival hours? 

Friday : 10am - Midnight
Saturday : 10am - Midnight
Sunday : 10am - 8pm
Expo Hall : Noon - 8pm Daily 

  • Venue Open 24 Hours for 3-Day Pass Holders

Where is DreamHack Montreal taking place?

Montreal Olympic Stadium

4141 Pierre-de Coubertin,

Montréal, Québec

H1V 3N7  

What is DreamHack Montreal?

DreamHack is a gaming event unlike any other! DreamHack events are all about the massive BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN party, paired with a plethora of competitive tournaments and international esports competitions happening. Visitors are able to check out the latest gaming and tech gear at the DreamExpo, and take part in all sorts of different activities! Activities include tournaments, cosplay, non-gaming events like scavenger hunts, tabletop games and more!

Can I bring food from the outside? 

It is forbidden to bring any food, beverage or alcoholic drink into the Olympic Stadium.

I want to compete, what kind of ticket should I get?

All DreamHack Montreal ticket holders are eligible to participate in tournaments. (BYOC passes will also allow you to play in any BYOC tournaments. A BYOC seat and your own hardware are required for BYOC tournaments.) Don't miss your chance to pre-register to secure your spot in the tournaments you plan to participate in!

What does DreamHack provide for the LAN party? What do I need to bring?

For every BYOC ticket purchased will receive one table seat reservation and a basic chair. You will be provided with one electrical socket and one internet port. You will need to provide an internet cable (we recommend a minimum of 30ft to be safe) and a power strip to be able to plug in both computer tower and monitor. If you forget these, they will be available for purchase onsite.

Is it safe to bring my PC? Do I need to worry about theft?

It is absolutely safe to bring your PC to our event. We will have our Crew security staff on-site during the whole event. If you are concerned about security you may always bring a computer lock to secure your tower or laptop and peripherals to the table. We do not recommend leaving valuables like cell phones & wallets at your LAN seat as those are much easier to walk away with. DreamHack is not responsible for any lost possessions.

Is there an age restriction?

Everyone is welcome at DreamHack Montreal! Those below 18 require their parent or legal guardian to sign a waiver. The waiver can be found here (link coming soon). Those below 13 must be accompanied at all times by their parent or legal guardian.

Is there any merchandise available?

Yes! The official DreamHack Store will be on-site and your place to purchase exclusive DreamHack clothing and gear and some limited items that is only available onsite at DreamHack events.

Can you buy tickets on location?

Event passes will be available for purchase at the event for day visitors if they are not sold out online. We recommend purchasing tickets as soon as possible as the best prices will be available the sooner in advance you purchase your tickets and this will guarantee you can get into the venue if we sell out. Find out more information about the different ticket types on our ticket page here. 

Will there be LAN seats?

Of course! A whole lot of them! Once BYOC LAN tickets run out, we're unable to sell any more due to limited space. Visit our ticket page here to view remaining ticket options available. 

Is there a sleeping area like DreamHack Summer and Winter?

Yes there will be! You will be able to sleep at the venue if you have BYOC ticket or 3-day pass.

Is there showers available?

Yes, we have showers available for attendees

Where do I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets here. (Link will be up soon) You can check all information about tickets here

What payment methods do you offer?

We offer payment by VISA, Mastercard & American Express.

When does seat booking open?

Seat booking will open up for regular pass holders before the show, and for premium founder pass holders earlier than that date. We will give as much advance notice as possible for both regular and premium founders BYOC pass holders. Keep an eye on your email, and make sure to select your seat quickly to be able to guarantee sitting with your friends!

How does BYOC LAN seating work?

You will receive a link to our seat booking website via e-mail a few days before the seat booking option opens.

Do you offer refunds on tickets?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds on tickets. Please be sure you’re able to attend if you buy one! If something changes, you may resell your ticket to someone else.

Still have questions, want to ask something ridiculous, bored... 👉 info@dreamhack.ca