All winners will receive a Prize Payout Form via email after the show has concluded. Prize winners have 90 days to provide us with the requested information once the email is sent. Failure to submit the Prize Payout Form within the 90-day submission period will result in an automatic forfeiture of all winnings.

Prize money will be distributed within 90 days of the event completion, contingent on accurate and timely submission of the Prize Payout Form. Payment will be made using electronic money transfers, unless otherwise noted. As such, banking information will need to be provided in order to complete payments.

Invoicing Requirements

If you want to make a claim for the prize money as a company, association, or a non-profit organization, we request that you send us an invoice with the following information:

• Name of the event (e.g. DreamHack Montreal 2019)
• Name of tournament and placement (e.g. Counter-Strike Global Offensive, place 2)
• Name of contestant/team/company
• Invoices will be paid in USD or CAD
• Invoice payment terms are Net 90
• Invoices should be sent to


Invoices need to be addressed to:

DreamHack Canada Inc.
3441 workman
Montréal, Québec
H4C 1N6

Individual and Team Contestant:

In order to issue prize payment for citizens, the following is needed:

• Completed Prize Winner Payout Form
• Preferred payment method and applicable banking/mailing details (payout form requests all necessary information)

Additional Questions

For any additional questions related to prize money, contact

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