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BYOC tournament information

  • Number of slots for each tournament: 16/32 (Team Games/Single Player)
  • Registrations end 1 hour prior to the given time.
  • Look out for registration desk to sign up for the tournament.
  • Winner of the tournament will be awarded with prize of INR 20,000
  • 2 winners from CS:GO & Dota 2 of BYOC tournaments from Day 1 will qualify for the Dreamhack Invitational and compete against the international teams on the Dreamhack Invitational stage. Apart from qualifying for the Dreamhack Invitational, winner will be awarded with a prize of INR 20,000
  • CSGO Qualifier start time (Qualifier 1 – 21st Dec 11 am) & (Qualifier 2 – 21st Dec 05 pm)
  • DOTA 2 Qualifier start time (Qualifier 1 – 21st Dec 12 pm) & (Qualifier 2 – 21st Dec 06 pm)


  • A team/ player should have a BYOC ticket to register for BYOC tournament. You will be asked to provide your BYOC tickets during the time of registration at the registration desk
  • Teams/ players should own the game to be able to participate in the tournament.
  • Teams/ players should have Discord installed in their PC’s which will be official mode of communication for all BYOC related tournaments at Dreamhack Mumbai. You will be provided with the Discord channel link once you or your team has registered for the tournament.
  • Teams/ Players are required to bring their own LAN Cables (We recommend up to 10 meter so that it can reach till the nearest switch in your row – Legendary excluded).
  • Teams/ Players are required to bring their own spike guard which will help you to distribute the power to your CPU and Monitor







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