Tournament Features

Nordic's top players

The best players from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & Iceland.

200,000 SEK prize pool

Teams will play in a live grand finals in the DreamHack studio.

March 14, 2020

Week 6 Nordic Championships

Week 6 of the Nordic Championships are here! Atlando vs Nordavind Despite Atlando coming up strong from the get go, Nordavind came out with full form during the mid-game. Knighter put on a stellar performance on LeBlanc and was a key factor in Nordavind’s...
March 12, 2020

NC & UKLC finals to be moved online

DreamHack is in close dialogue with the respective cities, venues, and authorities for all upcoming events and tournaments in order to monitor the situation with regards to Covid-19 on a daily basis. Due to recent development in the Covid-19 outbreak, and...
March 7, 2020

Week 5 Nordic Championships

Week 5 of the Nordic Championships are here! Hybrid vs Bifrost Hybrid started off strong, with Sharp securing first blood for the team. It seemed like Bifrost ran into some unfortunate timing now and again and some missteps, and Hybrid took advantage of i...
February 29, 2020

Week 4

Week 4 of the Nordic Championships are here! Bifrost vs Atlando To kick things off with week 4 of the Nordic Championships, we had Atlando face off against Bifrost. Despite Atlando’s early head start after obtaining first blood, Bifrost quickly turned thi...
December 12, 2019

Presenting the 2020 Spring Season

Nordic Championship returns for a Spring 2020 season.

Grand Finals starts in









The top league in the Nordics

Nordic Championship features several weeks of league play followed by playoffs and is open for players from the five Nordic countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & Iceland.