8 Things about DreamHack you never thought you’d miss

We usually don't appreciate what we have until we can't have them. Here is a list of things we never advertise about DreamHack, but it's the small stuff like this we sorely miss!

1. The heavenly LAN smell. Ah the good ol' scent of non-stop gaming...


2. That guy with a "free hugs here" sign around his neck. At this point we're so starved for human contact that we totally get it.

3. People walking around in full cosplay. It's like being transported to another world, where we walk in the same plane as our favorite characters!


4. The midday kebabrulle that you bought from a stall called "Golden Waffle", which actually doesn't sell any waffles... (exclusive to our events in Sweden 😝)

5. Seeing your online idols in real life. Standing next to somebody famous makes you famous by proximity right?


6. The kids shouting from one end of the hall to the other. WE LOVE FORTNITE WOO!


Kid from Hall B

7. The sound of multiple esports stages all vying for your attention. The players may hate it but you, on the other hand, love it! Yes yes please watch us.

8. That feeling of belonging. At DreamHack you can actually see how multiple aspects of gaming come together to unite us: be it big game titles, smaller indie games, art, music, tech, etc. FeelsGoodMan 🧡