June 19, 2018

DreamHack Canada Amateur Championship 2018: 10 000$ will be awarded to the top League of Legends teams in Canada.

Montréal, May 28th, 2018 – DreamHack Canada is pleased to launch a Canadian amateur Championship for League of Legends, a new initiative to showcase Canadian esports. 

The online tournament will be open to everyone across Canada and will feature LAN finals during DreamHack Montreal 2018. The tournament will allow up to 128 League of Legends Canadian teams to qualify for a chance to play in front of the DreamHack Montreal crowd with 10 000$ up for grabs.

“We want to create a new esport opportunity in Canada to demonstrate the insane amateur talents that we have here/. They will also experience a unique LAN finals experience in front of thousands of spectators. DreamHack Montreal is a perfect event to promote Canadian esports.” - said Simon Marin, CEO of DreamHack Canada.

The group stage will start on August 10th, make sure to follow us on our social media to be the first to know everything about our new Canadian Championship.


From July 5th to July 23th, you will be able to register your team! The 5 or 6 players needs to be a Canadian citizen. Proof will be required.

A maximum of 128 teams will be able to join, make sure to mark your calendar to register as fast as possible!

Registrations are now open: https://dh.je/lol-championship

Group stage and Playoff

The group stage will be played on August 10th-11th and the playoff will be played on the weekend of August 17-18th. DreamHack will fly the top 2 teams to DreamHack Montreal to play the LAN finals live from the Olympic Stadium on September 7th.

About DreamHack

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