Battle it out with Dreamhack Laser Tag
June 16, 2018

During DreamHack Summer, take a break from gaming and unleash your skills on the battlefield with DreamHack Laser Tag. 

DreamHack Laser Tag is located outdoors in the wooded part of the Open Air, behind Hall D. There will be up to 30 players playing at the same time, making sure to result in some epic battles.
You will not be unarmed: equipped with advanced laser tag guns with a red dot scope, you are able to hit a target up to 200 meters away.
Outdoors in DreamHack Open Air, behind Hall D

To play DreamHack Laser Tag, you have to purchase tickets from either the Dreamhack Laser Tag Open Air location or the Laser Tag booth in Lobby South. You will need to book a time slot for your game and this can be done at the same place as where you buy tickets.

How much?
Tickets cost 150 kr each.

24/7 during DreamHack Summer 2018

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